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Dr. Dorothy

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D.
is an internationally recognized authority on hypnotherapy in Phoenix, bridging Science, Spirit, and Human Potential with 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/professional development.

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Dr. Dorothy is recognized as a prominent professional in Metaphysics, Transformation Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression. With a wealth of knowledge and a reputation for excellence, she has garnered recognition on a global scale working with individuals and teaching worldwide.

As a Metaphysician, Dr. Dorothy delves into the fundamental cause of all symptoms and diagnoses, exploring the more profound meaning and connections that govern our existence.

Her profound insights into the metaphysical aspects of life offer a unique perspective of the human experience, empowering individuals to uncover hidden truths and embrace personal and physical health.

In the realm of Transformation Hypnosis, Dr. Dorothy guides her clients through a profound journey of self-discovery. Using the power of relaxation, she skillfully unlocks the door to the inner world, allowing individuals to explore their unconscious subconscious and initiate positive change. From overcoming persistent habits to addressing mental/ emotional and physical symptoms or diagnoses, she assists individuals to achieve lasting transformation and healing.

Dr. Dorothy works with children as young as three years old and all adults who desire to live life with peace of mind and happiness. Dr. Dorothy assists individuals with all symptoms and diagnoses from A to Z– Such symptoms as:

Anxiety, Abdominal pain, Addiction, Bi-polar, Bed Wetting, Cancer, Cutting, Chrones, Depression, DID/MPD, Dyslexia, Erectile issues, Fear, Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal distress, Heart issues, Infertility, Insomnia, Kidney issues, Lungs, Lupus, Menstrual/ Menopause, Nail biting, Neck issues, Nose Bleeds, Obesity, OCD, Overweight, Panic, Phlebitis, PTSD, Quinsy, Respiratory problems, Sciatica, Scleroderma, Spine issues, Thumb sucking, Thymus issues, Thyroid issues, Trauma, Ulcers, Urinary Infection, Vaginitis, Vertigo, Vitiligo, Weakness, Xeroderma, Yeast Infection, Zits (acne).

Moreover, as a Past Life Regression practitioner, Dr. Dorothy opens the gateway to past problematic issues. Through Past Life exploration, she assists individuals in revisiting and unearthing valuable insights that resonate in their present life. This profound experience of self-awareness facilitates the resolution of long-standing issues and fosters a deeper understanding of one’s life to create peace of mind and happiness.

With accolades and testimonials from individuals across the globe, Dr. Dorothy’s impact is well documented. Her international recognition is a testament to the profound transformations she has facilitated in the lives of countless individuals. From breaking free of limitations to embracing newfound purpose, her guidance inspires growth and empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

For those seeking self-discovery, self-empowerment, and profound transformation, Dr. Dorothy’s expertise as an internationally recognized Metaphysician, Transformation Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression practitioner offers a transformative experience you will enjoy for the duration of your life. Embark on this remarkable journey with Dr. Dorothy, and unlock the boundless potential that lies within you.


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