Many people struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. Are you frustrated when you achieve less than your desired results?  Some of the most powerful forces that can inhibit weight reduction are the barriers that exist in your psyche.

Many of the emotional barriers to weight reduction are not initially obvious, so it is important to identify common mental and emotional barriers and be honest with yourself about how beliefs, thoughts, and feelings might be affecting you. When you understand the psychological factors that may be holding you back, you will be better able to disarm them.

The common emotional barriers to weight reduction:


If you think you’ll fail, you are more likely to fail. Less-than-successful weight reduction attempts in the past can contribute to self-defeating beliefs and thoughts and/or the belief that you lack willpower. This may create the (false) belief that your destiny is to be stuck where you are now.

If you don’t believe you can reduce the weight, it will be extremely hard to do so. Skepticism and self-doubt can easily stand in the way of making a lasting, positive lifestyle change.

All-or-nothing thinking

Many people working to reduce weight focus solely on results, look for immediate progress and tend to view any setbacks as failures (disproportionate to how others may view the setback in question). Sometimes setbacks experienced may lead people to abandon the healthy changes they have implemented. The thinking pattern often becomes, “If I can’t do this exactly the way I want to do it, what’s the point of doing it at all?”

There is hope 

Food is a quick and easy method to soothe and distract one from mental and emotional distress. Discoverying the mental and emotional distress is the first step to win the struggle with unhealthy and over eating. Deep Hypnosis Transformation is a goal-oriented therapeutic strategy that targets the emotional response to the factors that trigger using food as a way to sooth and distract yourself from mental emotional distress.  You will learn to empower yourself to create, self-confidence and clear concise responses to issues that arise.