Anger is one of the four feelings inherent in all living creatures. These feelings are labeled Sadness, Happiness, Anger, and Fear.  All feelings have an important role in navigating the vicissitudes in life. Everyone sometimes reacts to an experience with anger.  Although anger is an emotion that it is perfectly healthy to express, holding onto anger can create an emotional barrier that prevents people from engaging happily in many aspects of life. When a person experiences difficulty moving past feelings of anger and finds that being angry is interfering with the ability to maintain healthy relationships, employment, or personal happiness, then the root cause of anger needs to be discovered, processed, and released. More specifically, when anger with a single person, situation, or idea starts to create tension and unhappiness in other areas of a person’s life, then it is the Unconscious mind sounding the alarm that old residual anger is being triggered in the present situation and one needs to clear out the original cause of anger response. That is not to say that one must avoid an angry response. One needs to quickly access the current situation and decide how to appropriately express one’s anger to fit the current experience, versus reacting out old anger along with the current situation. 

Deep Hypnosis Transformation is a goal-oriented therapeutic strategy that targets the emotional response to the factors that triggered the anger response versus a clear concise and empowering discussion of the issues involved.