Tip: 3 Keys To Regain Momentum

Has an event or circumstance knocked you for a loop? When you are temporarily knocked off your game, what is your usual reaction or action? Do you struggle, become overwhelmed or clearly find a solution?
You could be grooving along pursuing your goals and desires. Then wham! Without knowing exactly what transpired or what caused it, you come to a grinding halt or hit an unceremonious brick wall.

There are three (3) keys to get you back on track quickly.

These three (3) keys are applicable to make a grinding halt or brick wall a temporary one. These keys will help you raise the quality of your efforts on any project from beginning to end.

You can learn how to solve a situation or circumstance no matter where you are or when it came about.

These three (3) keys are applicable to make a grinding halt or brick wall a temporary one. These keys will help you raise the quality of your efforts on any project from beginning to end.

1) Avoid reacting with doom and gloom thoughts (a.k.a. negative thoughts). Respond quickly, in a problem solving stance. Going into a funk or getting mired in self-pity is the worst action. Whatever occurred, avoid allowing it to preoccupy you or keep you down.  Whatever transpired came as a surprise. Yet you need to respond with positive thoughts and actions.

Avoid attacking or disparaging with self-criticism. Negativity distorts your mood and with it your empowerment and effectiveness. Listen to your self-talk for any negativity and nullify it.

This is not to say, close your eyes to errors that led to this situation. It means to take action to repair or compensate for whatever went awry.

If you fail to act quickly and let the situation slide, you risk a temporary reaction pattern establishing itself as an ongoing limitation. Lack of an effective resolution could crater your success in future circumstances and set the stage for a struggle or failure pattern.

2) Recognize that your brain responds to patterns that persist by making adjustments that can become permanent. Analyze all the details to see through the situation and get past it as soon as possible.

Temporary situations do not persist when you restore positive momentum as quickly as possible. When you do this, you allow for the possibility of growing mentally and emotionally, becoming more resilient and improving the quality of future efforts.

A clear, concise way to summarize what goes on is that, in these moments, the reactive brain, instead of the frontal cortex being in charge, where planning and rational thinking goes on, the more ancient part of the brain takes over and prepares you to escape, do battle or freeze.

In the flight or fight brain—i.e. the sky is falling—chemicals are released, which increases breathing rate, blood flow, etc to flee or fight. This physiology change is experienced as a worst case scenario…fear, doom, gloom.  Knowing these facts allows you to recognize what’s transpiring in the moment and you can use the charged energy to find the solution versus grappling with unwarranted fear. When you fail to capitalize on the energy boost to find a solution, you will begin a slide backward.

3) Mindful awareness is the tool to catch your fear thoughts in the act and make an empowered choice.

Instead of self-criticism, mindfully examine what the resistance to further action might be about.

By avoiding criticism and judgment, and carefully tracking what’s transpiring inside, you can learn to identify that this energizing brain signals are providing you with requisite energy and momentum to solve issues.

When you change your perspective, self-criticism dissipates, you become grateful for your brain’s wise protection and entirely new possibilities arise to face the situation and resolve it.

When you practice these three (3) keys, you will develop a pattern that becomes a habit.