ACTION ALERT – Help Protect Children From Physical Abuse


Call or email these Reps today and ask them to vote for Rep. Alma Allen’s HB 359 which will be voted on Friday, May 6 on the House floor.

HB 359 will abolish corporal punishment in Texas schools but allow parents to opt-in for their children. It is a big step forward for Texas and will virtually eliminate school padding.

School paddling is child abuse and it promotes more child abuse in Texas homes. Thirty one states have studied issue and put away paddles. Grown men hitting children as young as five is wrong and must be stopped. Some children are taken to the hospital after being paddled.

Chair Rob Eissler 512.463.0797
Rep. Scott Hochberg 512.463.0492
Rep. Alma Allen 512.463.0744
Rep. Jimmie Aycock 512.463.0684
Rep. Harold Dutton 512.463.0510
Rep. Ryan Guillen 512.463.0416
Rep. Dan Huberty 512.463.0520
Rep. Mark Shelton 512.463.0608
Rep. Todd Smith 512.463.0522
Rep. Mark Strama 512.463.0821
Rep. Randy Weber 512.463.0707

Jimmy Dunne, People Opposed to Paddling Students
Houston (281) 584-9707