Answer to: What are your experiences and understanding of healing?

My understanding of healing is both personal and professional. With 30+ years of transformation hypnosis work assisting people to transform their mental/emotional and physical distress, and my own recovery I know without doubt Transformation Hypnosis works.

All mental, emotional, and physical negative symptoms, behavior, and diagnosis are more accurately profound and necessary choices to survive childhood trauma experiences that are being triggered in current interactions, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

Childhood distress and trauma is the result of anything that compels a child to feel helpless, hopeless, or disrupts their sense of safety and security, including sexual, physical, or verbal abuse; domestic violence; an unstable or unsafe environment; separation from a parent; neglect; bullying; serious illness; or intrusive medical procedures.


Discovering and transforming/transmuting the cause of all Mental, Emotional and Physical symptoms, and labels is the most efficient and effective protocol to regain your life.

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Transformation/Transmuting are possible without psychotropic drugs, artificial hypnotic inductions, rituals, lifelong coping strategies, and psychic interventions. I have assisted many people to heal the cause of their distress and stress.

The cause of people’s symptoms, distress, mental, emotional, and physical dysfunction is the result of mental, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse trauma experiences that weren’t addressed then and are now coming to the surface as mental/emotional and/or physical symptoms.

All symptoms and diagnoses can be transformed and transmuted at the unconscious, subconscious and cellular levels. Within weeks or months, you will experience yourself as you were born to be. You will be Free of angst, worry, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, and all the other ways you created to survive.

When someone begins a transformation/transmuting process, no matter how dire their predicament seems to be,

I KNOW if she/he is WILLING to do the mental/ emotional discovery work; releasing and transforming beliefs, thoughts and feelings, anything can be transformed/ transmuted.

The words ‘incurable’ or ‘impossible’ only means that the particular condition, symptom, or diagnosis cannot be ‘cured’ by ‘outer’ methods and that she/he needs to GO WITHIN to effect the transformation/ transmuting.

The condition, symptom, or diagnosis came from mental/emotional distress and will go back to nothing.

When beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behavior are accessed and addressed at the unconscious, subconscious and cellular level,the ’cause’ of all symptoms and behavior becomes crystal clear–it is mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma/distress manifesting in the behavior and symptoms you experience.

Everyone who experiences periods of mental/emotional struggle will benefit from transformation hypnosis.

I offer a 20-minute complimentary conversation to answer your questions and explain how the transformation process works.


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The global health and wellness industry, which includes a key segment on spiritual self-care, has managed to grow to $4 trillion — demonstrating a 6.4% increase since 2017 from $3.7 trillion to $4.2 trillion.

Deep Transformation Healing is an efficient and effective protocol that transcends traditional practices while retaining a professional focus. It avoids artificial hypnotic inductions and psychic interventions, but ties in directly with the experiences of the client. The process is down-to-earth, to the point, practical, and fearless. Hans TenDam Books | List of books by author Hans TenDam

Hans TenDam Books | List of books by author Hans TenDam


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Published: December 28, 2022