Are You Addicted to Negative Thinking?

Transformation Hypnosis and Regression Therapy Will Set You Free!

Transformation Hypnosis and Regression Therapy can change your body’s chemistry and rewire your brain. The newest brain research proves that without a doubt.

Old fashioned complaining therapy or “addiction groups” only reinforce the pain people are in.

People call me to get help to resolve addictions — Eating, Smoking, Coke, Rx Drugs, Alcohol, Porn, and Gaming, to name a few.
Obese people more likely to smoke, says new gene research: WHO | | UN News

A handsome 52-year-old rocker, an ex-drug addict, covered with hip tattoos, who is now addicted to a psychopath girl and AA meetings is a typical scenario.

He attends meetings every day and constantly complains about his life in the meetings and elsewhere. Does that help?  NO.

Then he wonders why he is still in so much pain. Simple.

He’s addicted to the pain and negative thinking.16 of the coolest knuckle tattoos in rock music

However, is being “addicted” to negative thinking a thing?  Yes!

Listen to what people say to you and each other, or look at the Facebook, Instagram messages, or Tweets that inflame your brain. But you keep reading them. And maybe you add your version of travail and lament. 

When your friends call, do you listen while they unload their anxiety, fear, sadness, and anger?

Do you act as a receptacle? Nodding and perhaps saying, “Oh, that’s so awful!” But then do you feel as if someone’s just pulled the plug on your energy – zapped you?

If so, Welcome to Energy Vampire Central! You’ve been robbed of your own happiness with your cooperation and assistance.
Avoid getting upset. There’s a way out!

It’s easy to get addicted to negativity because of your own brain wiring. Avoid blaming your family, friends, or yourself. Humans have a predisposition to focus on the negative because we have been indoctrinated and conditioned to hedge against a potential loss. And your fabulous brain wants to make sure that your eyeballs, ears, and other senses have noticed that a potential threat exists and that one can escape.

Flight, Fight or Freeze!

However, once you actually become aware of your thoughts and realize that you are safe, you can calm yourself. You can get free of the negativity that steals your joy and robs you of life’s affirming energy.

How? Focus on everything that creates your happiness.

Then if something or someone doesn’t bring joy into your life, ask yourself, “What prompts me to do this?” Finally, begin to take responsibility for your own life. Stop blaming things, situations, and especially other people.

The truth is You choose your own thoughts. So take control. Now.

Happiness is not a destination – it’s a choice. So choose Freedom from Negative Thinking Now!

Transformation Hypnosis and Past Life Regression will assist you to discover the cause of your negative thoughts, then process the cause and revise your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Please call me @ 480-794-1561, but first, please click the link to my website

Sending you love and caring,  

Dr. Dorothy