Are You Aligned With The Universal Success Energy?

You have experienced it…

Those rare, inexplicable moments when you are in the right place at precisely the right time, everything clicks, and something wonderful effortlessly falls into place for you.

Maybe it was the moment you got your first job or promotion.

Or was it when you decided to say, “Yes” to a business opportunity?

Maybe it was that business or career opportunity that presented itself right when you needed it most.

Or was it when you realized you could quit your 9 to 5 job?

Maybe it was when you met the love of your life.

Or was it the profound moment you realized you were in love that changed the trajectory of your life forever.

These seemingly magical moments seem random, but they are not – they occur when the infinite side of your nature aligns with the infinite intelligence that traverses through all things in the Universe.

People achieve this state of alignment with the infinite rarely and without consciously thinking about it.

But, when you understand the secrets to mastering your mind, you can consciously partner with the infinite, you will enter an extraordinary state of flow with the Universe – and incredible opportunities will begin manifesting in all areas of your life on almost everything from moment to moment!

If you’re ready to partner with the infinite in this way, so that your relationships, health, financial well-being and more transform with unprecedented speed and ease, I am here to be your guide to assist you to speed up the process.

I mentor people to be equipped to be in the right place at the right time with less friction than they might be dealing with now.

You will learn:

-The right tools to maximize your effectiveness.
-The right practices to maximize your endurance.
-The right application to maximize your stamina.
-The right insights to maximize your growth and success.

With mentoring, you win bigger and more often.

The teacher has appeared is the student ready?

I am here only to be truly helpful.

Allow me to assist you to achieve your fullest, greatest expansion and expression of who you truly are.

About Dr. Dorothy:

An internationally recognized authority on bridging Science and Human Potential, Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, mentors/coaches Fortune 700 company executives and entrepreneurs to achieve high potential through powerful Eastern/Western strategic tools and leading-edge focus on culture; while discovering and resolving mental blocks, fears and self-hindering beliefs.

Clients include: Exxon, Mobile, AT&T, IBM, Fisher Scientific, Merrill Lynch, Bank of New York, First Boston, Digital, Warner Lambert, USPS, Equitable—Equicor, FedEx, Consolidated Edison and others.