Are You Looking For A ‘Quick Fix’ For A Problem?

Are You Looking For A ‘Quick Fix’ For A Problem?

If the house in on fire; call the fire department. Everything else needs time and focus to create the most effective solution. You might think you do not have time or money for anything, but, a ‘quick fix.’ The question is:  Do you have the time and money to clean up the mess left by a failed ‘quick fix?’

What Is The Solution?

Consider reversing the equation—look for the most effective solution from the ‘get go.’ In the first moments of realizing something is awry follow these steps.

  •  Pause: Quell your ‘fear’ [fight and flight] and your instinct to shoot from the hip.
  • Acknowledge:  What aspects of the issue need to be resolved:
  • Discover:  What part of the issue you are responsible for creating and solving. When you accept responsibility you are empowered to discover the solution.
  • Ask for assistance: The majority of issues are multi-layered and require cooperation from others—home or work. Determine who is best suited to assist in each aspect of the solution. Enlist their assistance.
  • See the humor: More often than not the issue has irony in the equation. Laughter is the best antidote to shift the mind-set to an inventive, problem solving state.
  • Accept the unknown: The unknown, a.k.a uncertainty, is the launch pad to success in problem-solving, accept it with enthusiasm.

 Armed with these easy to implement problem solving steps you will recognize the ‘quick fix’ method seldom saves time or money.  Enjoy the journey while creating ‘fixes’ [solution]that work long-term.  ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD mentors and empowers executives and entrepreneurs worldwide to experience their highest potential through an original and leading-edge focus on cultural factors, empowered communication, effective decision making, negotiation, and discovering and resolving mental blocks, fears and self-hindering beliefs.