Are You Ready to Heal from Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, or Loss?

As the saying goes, When the student is ready the teacher appears. And since you are reading this article, you no doubt are ready or nearly ready to heal those nasty issues, symptoms and general malaise. But you don’t know what to do or how.
Have you read the books, taken workshops, had psychic readings, taken Prescriptions and OTC drugs etc. and still struggle?
Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, or Loss can be profound and pervasive, thus, causing you to use coping strategies that only get you through another moment, yet, you are working diligently to do so.
I am here only to be truly helpful. I can help you discover the root cause of your issues, symptoms and general malaise and give you the formula to lead a happy, healthy productive life.
Your eyes might be rolling as you read that sentence, yet, mental emotional and physical health and wellness are that simple. The root cause needs to be discovered and processed to the degree each person needs. No two people who experienced trauma, depression loss, fear, or anxiety are exactly the same, so my protocol is designed for each person as needed.
​​This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life. 

Are you willing to take the steps required to claim your health,​ happiness, success, fulfillment, and enlightenment?  Will you take advantage of the opportunity to create a new reality for your life?

It’s time to SHIFT and get prepared for what’s coming up for your life… so I want you to put your heart and soul into paying close attention to how much mental, emotional and physical pain you are in. Then, step by step you can make the SHIFT gently, easily, and without having to deal with the mental and emotional pain and stress of not knowing what to do, not feeling your best, and all the other OLD WAYS that are holding you back.

There is no shame in asking for assistance to create ​health, ​happiness, peace of mind, and success. 

​You have done everything else–read the books, taken workshops, had psychic readings, taken Prescriptions and OTC drugs etc. and still struggle. Now you can experience a healing process designed for your needs.
This is an investment in your health, happiness, success, fulfillment, and enlightenment. Following the principles in this process will change your life forever and I want you to experience it yourself as soon as possible. Remember only you can take care of your happiness and emotional, physical and spiritual health.

​​For your convenience, I offer a 20-minute FREE no-obligation phone conversation to answer your questions and discuss how you can discover and create personal and professional success. And you will receive value in the 20-minute conversation.

You are worth it. You deserve to create your happiness, dreams, and desired success. What are you waiting for? You deserve to have someone to take you by the hand and walk you through the maze of unknowns, or to guide you through the obstacles and twists and turns. This is your opportunity to create the ​health​ you deserve​.

This is to your happiness, success, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

I am here to only to be truly helpful. You deserve success, fulfillment, happiness and blessings you desire.
​Here’s to living your life without pain, symptoms, or angst​ NOW​.​
​The only step you need to take by yourself to begin your healing process is making the phone call to my office. A friendly voice will answer or the voice mail will take your message and you will be on your way to  gain the health, happiness and success you deserve. ​

P.S. Imagine you never had to go another day​ without the success, fulfillment, peace of mind, happiness and blessings you desire. Here’s your chance to make that transpire!

About Dr. Dorothy:

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, International Best Selling Author, and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings.