Are You Sending Double Messages To The Universe?

Parenting children can be challenging. You can have the advantage of wearing the hat that is required at the moment.

Whenever my children were going through big challenges I’d ask them…

“Do you want me to wear my mom hat or my coaching hat?

This question invoked…

“Do you want a shoulder to cry on or do you want me to call you out on what’s really going on?”

Most times they (reluctantly) asked for the coaching hat. However, I cleverly wore both hats, with empathy and compassion, while pointing out the fallacy in their thinking or decision-making process.

I’m guessing you are learning to be an Empowered Thinker as you read this article.

What I’m about to say may not be what you WANT to hear… 

BUT if you want to live a life you love, it’s what you NEED to hear. 

If you are suffering from discontent in any area of your life…

Finances, career, love, health…

It’s NOT because the Universe is conspiring against you or has forgotten you.

It’s not because you have bad luck.

It’s not because you’re paying for past mistakes.

It’s not because of Karma.

It’s because you’re sending the Universe mixed messages. 

Let’s take the Love and Relationship area of your life for example…

If you are looking for a loving life partner but are unconsciously thinking…

“Men/women can’t be trusted. I’ll eventually be betrayed.”

That’s a double message. 

You’re telling the Universe you want one thing, and believing another. 

You can’t get what you desire if your paradigm (your belief system) contradicts your desire!

And of course, this goes for love, finance, health, careers, a better quality of life… anything you yearn for and rightfully deserve!

Jay Electronica quote: The universe is listening, be careful what you say  in...

So how do you shift those paradigms? That’s the real question you need to be asking yourself.

I’ve been studying and practicing this for over six decades.

And I’d love to teach YOU the best of the best of what I’ve learned in a private, highly focused, and specifically tailored program for you.

If you’re ready to root out your limiting paradigms…

And start sending the Universe crystal clear messages on what you would love…

The kind of messages that can’t help but be answered with real-life results (because this is the way the universe works)…

This tailored program is the event and experience for you!

I’ll be there with my coaching hat on and (my mom hat when needed) – sharing fundamental truths and giving you the tools, skills, and resources to start building and continue building your dreams – Even after your tailored program is over.

I’ll continue giving Empowered Thinking principles you can use each day.

I work face-to-face, phone, or Zoom.

Here’s to attracting everything you desire.

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