As You Believe So Shall Ye Reap

When you affirm that you are fulfilled rather than focusing on what you lack, you are asserting that contentment is a natural state of being.

The unique and creative power of the universe is infinite. For many people this is a difficult concept, if not lunacy. Many people firmly believe there is a conspiracy of haves to create more wealth at the expense of others. The 99% of the ‘have not believers’ has become a recent slogan and chant, ‘We are the 99% – the ones whose homes have been foreclosed, many who have lost our jobs, are forced to choose between groceries or rent and are denied quality medical care. Yet, if one focuses on being in a ‘have not belief’ system that is what one continues to create.

A single molecule’s destiny is as important as the consequences of the largest supemova – a stellar explosion that is more energetic than a nova. Human potential is connected to this power, but, because humans are sentient beings, each person is permitted to choose whether she/he struggles against it or works in tandem with it.

When you express your desires through focused meditation or solicit the help of spirit guides, you draw upon the universe’s creative power to achieve your goal. However, because your words are not all the universe hears, the response you receive may surprise you. The discourse you establish through your appeals are a blend of spoken words, thought, intention, and unconscious reflection.

When you ask the universe for something, the unspoken message is that what your desires do not exist, and the universe accepts this as the truth of your desire – it doesn’t exist. Conversely, you manifest completeness through affirmations whereby you declare your desires as if you have already received them. Instead of asking – thank the universe for what you desire. ‘Thank you for a good job, a lovely home and enough money to pay the mortgage, feed and clothe my family in the style we desire.”

When you affirm that you are fulfilled instead of lamenting deficiencies, you are asserting that contentment is a natural and incumbent element of human existence. Your essence is an expression of fulfillment that the universe wants to satisfy. Thus, your needs and desires are in the flow with the unique and creative power of the universe .

When you describe your realities in positive terms, you are not denying the challenges inherent in existence. You choose to avoid focusing on lack or dissatisfaction because you understand that the energy of your thoughts will determine the response you receive to your entreaties.

Ask yourself how you will feel when your desires are manifested, and then allow yourself to internalize that emotional energy. In addition create a picture of satisfaction so vivid that its reality is unquestionable and thus, tells the universe that your vision is fact. In closing your appeal, express your gratitude, as it is your acknowledgment of that truth of your fulfillment that will set the creative power of the universe into motion.

When you work in perfect unison with the creative power of the universe; you are empowering yourself to manifest spiritual realities into your material existence. As you affirm the beauty, peace, and goodness that exists in your life, your capacity to sense and understand their influence will become increasingly expansive and sophisticated. 

To meet your needs and achieve your desires, you need to banish all thoughts of emptiness, lack and disenfranchisement so that the energy of completeness can attract fullness, fulfillment and abunance into your being.