Be A Non-judgmental Observer

One of the most powerful techniques for developing greater self-awareness is being a non-judgmental Observer. Think of your brain as a computer with a screen that projects images for you to observe from your seat and your thoughts as merely programs that have been downloaded into your head. As the Observer you can shift the context in which you view your own experiences.

The majority of people live in their head and their mind directs their thoughts, feelings and actions. However, as you sit back as a non-judgmental spirit and observe your mind functioning objectively from outside the mind looking in, you will gain more control over your thoughts, feelings and actions.

The majority of the time your mind is on autopilot and you tend to let your mind run on whatever program that was downloaded from your indoctrination, conditioning and experiences. Your emotions are primarily triggered by certain key words, thoughts, beliefs or actions that remind you of past experiences. Thus, you end up reacting to your life now, rather than guiding your life in the moment.

When you sit back and observe your thoughts, feelings and actions you will take conscious control of your mind and can manage any situation with  greater objectivity and ease.

You can practice being an Observer. Close your eyes and observe whatever thoughts are floating in your head. As you observe the thoughts, notice what feelings are associated with those thoughts. Then, notice what actions you would take based on those thoughts and feelings. Are those the actions that will create what you desire?

Now imagine you are looking at your computer and the screensaver is projecting impressions. Note the space between the screen of your mind and that part of you that is observing what you projected onto the screen of your mind. Imagine I am speaking to you, but ‘you’ as the observer are some distance from the image your mind is projecting.

 Learning how to ‘be a non-judgmental observer helps keep you centered and connected to your higher consciousness. Notice what you are thinking about each moment and ask your Self, ‘What is my mind focusing on?’ If you notice you are spending too much time thinking about things that do not serve you, STOP and give your mind something positive or constructive to think about.

 It takes practice, but the more you observe what your mind is thinking about, the greater your conscious awareness develops and the happier you will be. Positive thinking brings positive results. Negative thinking brings negative results.  Which will you choose?