Become Who You Truly Are – Tips For The Journey

Become Who You Truly Are – Tips For The Journey

In the beginning, there seems to be giant obstacles in our path to making changes. It is a period of undoing old thinking, feelings and habits. It is a period of opportunity to withstand the challenges and obstacles.

You can decide if you are going to be non-resistant or if you are going to revert to the gravitational pull of the patterns and habits of the past. You will be tempted to give in or give up. The wise don’t fight the obstacles – rather the wisdom that lies within will help guide you to the desires and changes you seek.

As you forge ahead you will notice the challenges seem relentless and while you are still weak in your empowerment and newly acquired understanding, it seems unfair. Over time, you will become strengthened in your resolve to meet the challenges head-on – while counting your blessings. You begin to recognize an obstacle before it is fully evident and you will master how to maneuver around, over, under or sidestep them. You will accept that obstacles are simply learning and stepping stones along the path of empowerment and accomplishment.

Johnny Nash wrote and recorded an empowering song, “I Can See Clearly Now.” It was a Billboard Hot 100 Chart #1 hit in 1972.  The salient lyrics remind us to have hope, trust and faith. ‘I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way,’ reminds us that obstacles are there, it is how one sees the obstacles that makes the difference. ‘I think I can make it now, the pain is gone. All of the bad feelings have disappeared. Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for. Look around, there’s nothing, but blue skies. Look straight ahead, nothing, but blue skies. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright bright, bright, bright sun-shiny day.’ You can find Nash’s performance on ‘The Midnight Show’ 1973 on You Tube.

The secret to making changes begins with clearly understanding what you want to achieve in your life. You need to challenge your status quo in all areas: relationships, work, spending and saving, collecting, recreation, etc. The following tips will assist you in charting your journey to become who you truly are.

• Take Action
• Stay focused on positive thoughts and actions
• Continuously establish and acknowledge your Self confidence
• Connect with family and friends who are willing to support your goal
• Listen to your intuition – Sixth sense
• Eliminate distractions/procrastination – Distractions and procrastination comes in many forms. Checking email, browsing social media, taking long breaks, ‘When I get around to it, putting off until tomorrow. Enforce mental discipline. Recognize when you are putting something off. This can be a challenge for chronic procrastinators. Simply ‘demand’ that you do it NOW. No excuses acceptable.
• Keep a ‘To Do’ list – Prioritize it. Discipline yourself to stay on target. ”The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the indispensable prerequisite for success.” -Brian Tracy
• Track daily habit routine and consistently improve it
• Count every accomplishment as a success – no matter how small. Success is the completion of each task required to reach the desired goal
• Engage in new leisure activities. Engage in a new activity at least twice before you decide it isn’t your cup of tea
• Cultivate new friendships
• Eliminate relationships that are negative, toxic, a downer – Eliminating relationships that are negative, toxic or a downer might be your marriage
• The list is infinite – add those unique to you

Have Hope, Trust and Faith that you see clearly now. The rain is gone. Gone are the dark clouds that had you blind. It’s gonna be a bright bright, bright, bright sun-shiny day. Enjoy and savor the journey.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings.