Buddha’s Greatest Sermon

Buddha’s Greatest Sermon

It has been said that Buddha’s greatest sermon ever, no words were spoken.  With his disciples gathered around him at the edge of a pond, Buddha pulled a Lotus flower from the ground.

Holding the Lotus flower in front of him, Buddha turned to each disciple in turn. No one spoke until he turned to Mahakasyapa, who understood.  Mahakasyapa smiled and began to laugh.  Buddha handed the Lotus to Mahakasyapa and began to speak. “What can be said I have said to you,” smiled the Buddha, “and what cannot be said, I have given to Mahakashyapa.”

Buddha’s way of looking at that flower was a message there of the power and wonder of the aliveness.  His appreciation for it, and his way of seeing and feeling it, gave the message.

The flower sermon demonstrates the Buddhist belief of understanding through direct experience rather than through reading of creeds and doctrine.

Today, may life itself be your greatest message.  ###

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