Catapult Your Success In Three Easy Steps

Catapult Your Success In Three Easy Steps

Do you sometimes lament that you are less successful than family members or others in your business and social circle?  You are not alone.

Some people are creatures of habit, and tend to compare. Some people frequently compare other people’s highlight reels with their backstage happenings.  Yet, although, misery loves company, as the old cliché intones, the laments keep you in the same rut.

The reality is more complex than it looks. More often than not people access everything from a negative perspective, seeing failures, rather than stepping stones that were less than 100% on target.

When you think of your life, do you list your failures and ruminate? Do you focus more on your struggles and miss seeing the triumphs?  And have you struggled to get out of bed in the morning? Then, you classify it as not a shining highlight reel.

Yet, if you think about the times of struggle you will see a common thread.  You can boil it down to three little words or less.  The majority of people I work with boil their common thread to:

Lack of Connection

The loss of connection to what you are doing
The loss of connection to the people you are doing it with
The loss of connection to the people you are doing it for, including yourself.

Whenever lack of connection is present, people are in robotic mode and consequently they struggle and/or give up.

As a heart-based entrepreneur, connection is vital to your success.  And if you are not creating a connected business, if you are feeling alone and isolated, it is more likely than not that you are disconnected from yourself and others. Do you have a mentor?

This is the reason many business owners are disenchanted with just marketing on-line, which often does not easily lend itself to creating a community and is not conducive to creating the human connection humans crave.

Many of the business owners I speak with are finding that when they carve out a place for themselves as the go-to resource in their community and when they do more business locally, they tend to lift the veil of isolation and bring in a sense of belonging and connection into their lives.

I invite you to create a daily practice of connecting to who you are and what you do. I urge you to open up your marketing and your business models to being more connected and less isolated.

You will discover it will pay off for you with joy and financial success, too.

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