According to the World Health Organization’s 2015 ranking  of      the world’s health systems, neither the U.S. nor Canada ranked in the top 25 for health care effectiveness and efficiency.   How did the U.S. fail to create better health care than more than 25 countries?  

Consistently Create Incredible Results That Seem Impossible 

The truth is humans need to continue to develop their intuitive skills as much as cognitive skills to navigate the three-dimensional world. 

It  is tragic that intuitive skills are systematically over shadowed by cognitive skills in Western society. There’s much more going on in the Universe, on an energetic level, than what can be observed by the five senses alone!

Improve Test Scores or Performance Easily

Test anxiety is a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence or a sense of a lack of control. Test anxiety might be caused by a teacher embarrassing a student as a method of motivation. Being placed into a course above your ability can cause test anxiety. Test anxiety develops from fear of alienation from parents, family, and friends if you get poor grades or fail to be top in your class.

There are three benefits of using hypnosis for academic performance.