Health and Wellness

Life Is A Series Of Steps – One Minute At A Time

The way you show up for yourself this minute, today, tomorrow and everyday thereafter has a huge affect on who you will be; what you will experience and accomplish years from now. When you remain fully engaged minute to minute, enjoying everything while putting your energy into making the most of it, you will discover that you are well prepared and capable of handling any circumstance you encounter.

All Answers To All Your Questions Lie Within

Thomas Edison said that if humans did all the things they are capable of doing, they would astonish themselves. Edison practiced going to a place within himself he called, ‘The Land of The Solution.’ He sat quietly in a rocking chair to access his subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all experiences, all outcomes of all experiences, all knowledge and answers to all questions. Everyone can access the subconscious mind to attain the answers to questions or find solutions to issues.

Pain – Important Health Benefit

Pain is a catalyst for transformation. Yet most people would say they prefer pleasure instead of pain. This means that when they feel good, they often do not have a lot of motivation to grow, question and discover new aspects of themselves. People who are comfortable maintaining the status quo have become complacent in their lives.

Post Traumatic Stress – How To Heal

When humans are faced with a traumatic event in order for the psyche to stay in balance some details of the event are instantly forced into the subconscious mind so that the conscious mind can continue to function. The subconscious mind holds the details – sometimes weeks, months or years. Then, considering all factors the subconscious mind pushes the information into the unconscious mind so that the details can be accessed by the conscious mind to be processed and released.