You Are Connected To The Entire Universe And All Its Power

Right now, know that the power in you is greater than anything. Pause – ponder it. The power in you is greater than anything. When you accept that the power you are connected with is greater than anything, you will feel empowered in everything you do. This is a great truth. You are connected to the entire Universe and all its power. Claim it and build on your dreams.

Are Your Emotions Making You Sick? – There Is A Solution

Medical studies have revealed that your emotions and stress affect your physical health. In the realm of metaphysics all physical symptoms are a manifestation of emotional dis-ease/distress. There is a mental and emotional cause for each and every medical diagnosis and there is a metaphysical way to heal them. This article sets forth the healing protocol for all physical symptoms.

Decisions Are Fundamental To Creating

Do you ever wonder why your results do not reflect your intentions? Do you ask yourself why manifesting doesn’t work for you? The answer is simple and complex: Your thoughts may carry discordant energy from your past and current life. Your discordant thoughts might be worry and/or ambivalence, ‘What if…?’ ‘I don’t know for sure….’ ‘If only….’ ‘Maybe…..’ ‘When I get around to it…’or the worst choice/decision is not choosing/deciding. Not choosing/ deciding is making a choice/decision. If you are struggling with choosing/decision making, there is a solution to the dilemma.