Change Undesirable Habits

Change Undesirable Habits

Anytime you look at something and you are not at peace, you need to recognize that you have the power to choose again. ‘A Course in Miracles,’ states, “I have decided wrongly because I am not at peace, I can choose again.’

Likewise, a pessimist looks at a glass of water and sees the glass as half empty and an optimist looks at a glass of water as half full. However, you can look at the glass and know that the glass is refillable, no matter whether it is half full or less, it can be refilled.

Pause now: How often are you choosing to be at peace? How often are you choosing angst? The choice is yours. You can change your life when you are willing to make a decision to:

• Stop making excuses
• Stop blaming others and circumstances – weather, economy, politicians, etc.
• Stop pointing a finger at everyone and everything.
• Stop pointing a finger at the opportunity by saying it is, ‘no good,’
• Stop lying to myself and others.
• Stop trying.
• Stop passing my responsibilities to others.
• Stop procrastinating
• Stop the drama – ‘Ain’t it awful; If it weren’t for…; I can’t; Poor me; Why me?’
• Remember no one controls me, except, me.
• Remember there is NO destiny, except what I create.
• Take responsibility for the outcome of everything – Positive, Negative, Neutral
• Find the cause and effect of my actions and behavior.
• Do everything with intent and purpose.
• Believe ‘failure’ is never an option.
• Believe ‘failure’ is an opportunity to learn and develop my Self
• Take ownership of everything going on in my life.
• Acknowledge and accept myself for the good, undesirable, ugly

You might think changing old/undesirable habits is difficult. However, it is only if you believe it is difficult to change that makes it so. Go ahead now choose an old habit, decide what you want to do instead and commit to change it. When you change it once, you will notice a difference in your life. When you notice that difference; acknowledge yourself for the change. When you acknowledge yourself, you are reinforcing the new habit you want to maintain. When you have extinguished one old habit; choose another and another until each of your old habits have been extinguished. I wish you well on your journey of changing old/undesirable habits. Here’s to your new life. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She facilitates Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression. She was a World Regression Congress faculty member in the Netherlands, India, Brazil and Turkey.