Clear, Concise Reminder – How To Manifest Money

Receiving money is an easy and simple process when you understand and trust the different laws of the universe, such as the Law of Attraction.

Money has a vibrational frequency and we attract everything that is on that same frequency. The attraction of money is a skill that anyone can achieve. Therefore we have the ability to attract the amount of money that is in tune with our thoughts. The attraction of money is a skill that anyone can achieve, as long as it works in favor of universal laws and not against them. However, 99% of people do not know them and much less know how to use them in their favor.

To become a magnet of money, to attract and enjoy infinite abundance, there are certain things we need to do. Making money using the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance speeds up the process. The universe does not set limits on the amount it will offer us. The only limits are those that exist in our minds, which are sometimes so great that they prevent us from moving forward to achieve prosperity.

I know from experience, it is very easy to talk about this but doing it takes dedication and perseverance to the laws. The process requires discipline, commitment, and reflection. When I fully understood the Law of Attraction, my ability to attract money became easier. Thus, I have more prosperity and abundance, people and opportunities come to me.

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If you want to become a money magnet, follow these steps:

~To start the process, be specific regarding the amount of money you want to receive.

~Advertise it with intention (not the amount you think you can earn, but the amount you desire to receive).

~Love your money, without becoming obsessed with it. Many people do not love money because they do not have enough; How are you going to attract something you don’t love?

~Visualize yourself and imagine spending the money you desire as if you already had it.

~Speak, act and think with an attitude and mentality of wealth and abundance.

~Eliminate any thoughts that involve messages of lack and poverty such as “I don’t have enough money,” “It is too expensive,” and “I can never afford that.” Avoid thinking or talking about not having enough money, ever. Not for a moment, and if the thought of these enters your mind, take it out quickly.

~Thank all the money you have right now.

~Make a list of all the things you would buy with the amount of money you desire. Do whatever it takes to compel you to feel like a wealthy person, who enjoys abundance and total financial freedom. Repeat the affirmation of having abundant amounts of money and that comes to you effortlessly. Appreciate all the riches around you, including the riches of others. Find samples of wealth wherever you go and appreciate them.

~You need to see the money is coming towards you.

~Love yourself and know that you deserve and are worthy of receiving abundant amounts of money.

Focus on it multiple times a day….every day.

Remember every day that you are a money magnet and that you are working with the universal laws for attracting money. Ask yourself constantly during the day, are you attracting or driving away from the richness of your life with your thoughts and emotions? Pay yourself first of your salary money, then pay your debts. With this act, you tell the universe that you are valuable and deserve more. Repeat several times a day (and every day), “I am a magnet for money and money comes to me easily and effortlessly.”

Write a check with the amount of money you desire to have or the new amount is written on a ticket and put it in your wallet so you can see it frequently. Do whatever it takes to know that you feel worthy and will attract the money you deserve and desire.

The emotions of happiness and joy are your powerful allies to help you become a powerful money magnet. Be happy, love yourself, be optimistic and receive everything with gratitude and confidence that you will receive even more. Remember, wealth is nothing more than a state of mind. You attract money or move away from it, it all depends on what you believe, think, and feel about yourself.

About Dr. Dorothy:

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., Metaphysician, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and International Best Selling Author is a recognized authority on bridging Science and Human Potential. Dr. Dorothy provides comprehensive protocols to discover and transform the root cause of issues and diagnoses. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation combines creating health and wealth while transforming mental/emotional, and physical distress. She is a Certified Past Life and Future Progression practitioner.