Control – An Illusion

The majority of people are indoctrinated and conditioned to believe in ideals of control and independence. The idea is that you are on your own and you do not need any assistance from anyone. Thus, when you are successful it is because you are in complete control. It is an illusion to believe that one can control or at least influence outcomes with total certainty.

True lasting success manifests only with ‘letting go,’ of the outcome which is the opposite of control. You cannot accomplish anything truly great on your own, without any help. The idea that you can is an illusion that causes a great deal of suffering. ‘Letting go’ comes when you see that illusion to attain everything alone is impossible. ‘Letting go’ can then be seen as a great strength rather than a weakness.

Small moments of ‘letting go’ are powerful indicators of how different your life could be if you, ‘let go,’ of the outcome. You, no doubt, had an experience of extending huge amounts of effort and energy to reach a particular goal only to realize that you can not create it. The moment, you ‘throw up your hands,’ and say, ‘I give up, this can not be done,’ you realize that you need to ask for help or simply release your agenda entirely, a profound feeling of relief rushes over you. This warm, open sensation is the essence of ‘letting go.’  If you do not feel the warm, open sensation, you have not ‘let go’ completely. However, it is OK to ‘let go,’ in small increments, because ‘letting go,’ is an option every minute of your existence.

When you ‘let go,’ your goals become possible, because the act of ‘letting go,’ is an unintended act of asking for the help you need. When you practice ‘letting go,’ and trust that, no matter what, all is well, you will notice help comes from humans or unseen helpers – angels or inner guides. It may also come in the form of circumstances shifting – the small miracles a.k.a. grace.

When you recognize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience there is nothing to fear. Nor do you need to convince yourself that there is a loving God (Deity, Source, Inner Guides, et al), who give you all the information you need when you need it.

The dilemma of existence is deciding what to believe – the illusion of control – or the truth of ‘letting go,’ and accepting the miracles and graces that await your acceptance.