Deep Healing Versus Treating Symptoms

The most effective protocol for all Mental/Emotional, Physical or Sexual dysfunctional symptoms is Deep Healing. Deep Healing is significantly different from symptom removal. Symptom removal is the type of protocol offered by the medical profession. Symptoms are the focus and the goal is to numb, suppress or cut out the body part to make the symptoms go away.

Metaphysically, the symptoms are the messenger that points to deeper imbalances and wounds that are not addressed by traditional medical protocols.

Deep Healing is a profound process. It has to do with restoring the body to its former state of health. This means addressing the cause and effect of the symptoms, restoring the energy production system, the oxidation rate, its minerals ratios and much more.

Deep Healing also involves lifestyle changes as well. Lifestyle, in fact, is a large part of the core issue. In the long run, however, a Deep Healing process saves time and lots of money, and saves your life as well without toxic Prescriptions, Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs or having body parts cut out.

All Deep Healing protocols are specifically tailored for each individual’s needs based on the root cause of the symptoms. When the root causes of all symptoms have healed the symptoms authentically disappear.

While I am aware that many people prefer a ‘quick fix’ albeit it is only a temporary fix with a long list of side effects from toxic Prescriptions and Over-The-Counter drugs or body parts cut out, I understand and accept this.

This article is about how I help people to understand why deep healing is highly effective, less expensive and permanent.

Deep Healing also requires Mental/Emotional and Spiritual development with its roots firmly standing in Metaphysical constructs, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine.

Deep Healing Involves:

  • Improving Genetics – Everyone is born with some mutated DNA due to radiation that is everywhere on earth. Radiation is due to the use of radioactive materials in A-Bomb tests, ammunition, medical x-rays, ammunition, medical x-rays and other natural sources of radiation. Everyone is then exposed to ionizing radiation and toxic chemicals that can cause genetic damage. As mutated cells reproduce, more tissue is affected until illness manifests.

Nutritional balancing programs help reverse the process of degeneration. What occurs with nutritional balancing, and does not occur much with either prescription, OTC drugs or traditional holistic and Naturopathic care. It is the rate of DNA reproduction and protein synthesis, and the accuracy of protein synthesis which improves dramatically in time.

Nutritional balancing programs slowly improves the quality of all tissue and assists the body to remove all diseased, toxic, mutated, and otherwise damaged proteins, hormones and enzymes. This is truly remarkable, and a wonderful benefit of a nutritional and natural balancing program.

  • Remove Two Dozen Toxic Metals and Hundreds of Harmful Chemicals – Everyone is exposed to thousands of times the amount of toxic metals as has occurred in past decades. This is due to industrial use of toxic metals, chemicals, coal-burning power plant emissions, building—plumbing, household, office and industrial farming chemicals.

Toxic metals replace vital minerals in enzyme binding sites, leading to impaired functioning of the enzymes. Toxic chemicals bind to receptor sites and interfere with metabolic processes in many ways that lead to impaired health.

Nutritional balancing and detoxification with near infrared light sauna therapy and other methods will slowly remove accumulated toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

  • Replenishing Essential Nutrients – Depleted soil, genetically modified organism (GMO) crops, chemical agriculture, poor quality refined food, poor eating habits and stressful lifestyles contribute to widespread nutrient deficiencies. The majority of children are born with nutritional imbalances due to imbalances of the parents. Nutrient deficiencies are subtle at times, and result in a multitude of health conditions.

Replenishing all the vital minerals takes time, total commitment, dedication, and willingness to overcome the years of nutrition imbalance.

Tissue mineral analysis, when done properly can help guide the design of nutrition protocol to slowly replace the nutrients without upsetting body chemistry. Lifestyle changes are frequently needed to reduce stress and improve food choices, shopping and cooking practices, and eating habits.

  • Eliminate Infections (Biological Toxins) – The majority of people have half a dozen or more unrecognized chronic infections. Over half the population has some degree of overgrowth of intestinal candida albicans (a dimorphic fungus that grows both as yeast and filamentous cells and one of the few species of the Candida genus that cause the infection) and other intestinal pathogens.

Tooth and gum infections are common and can cause serious health issues.

Most infection in the body produce toxins called endotixins and exotoxins. These circulate in the blood and can contribute to many conditions such as post-nasal drip, headaches, chronic pain, bloating, fatigue and many other symptoms.

With nutritional balancing antibiotics, antifungal and anti-parasite herbs are not required to clear these infections. Enhancing the body’s natural immune energy, improving circulation, replenishing nutrients and eliminating toxic substances improves infection-fighting ability and removes cellular debris that organisms feed on.

  • Balance The Autonomic Nervous System – The majority of people have overused their sympathetic nervous – fight-or-flight system. This system suppresses the immune system and suppresses digestion, assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste products. The result is poor health.

Reducing the sympathetic nervous system activity through nutritional balancing, sauna therapy, lifestyle changes and stress reduction beneficially affects the autonomic balance and general health.

  • Mental And Emotional Healing – Many types of mental and emotional healing occur with nutritional balancing. These healing protocols include discovering and releasing emotional trauma, reducing the impact of negative situations, reducing emotional sensitivities and improving cognition, memory and many other mental/emotional faculties. For example, many people suffer from brain fog, depression anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD, Bi-polar, and phobias. These systems respond exceedingly well in a short period of time to correction with nutritional balancing and Trance-state work, a.k.a hypnosis.

Another focus of healing is identifying and releasing false ideas such as cynicism, anger, hatred, rage, resentment, guilt, shame, humiliation, fear, jealousy, and envy.

Protocols and techniques include, Trance-state work, including Past Life and Future Life progression exploration, Attached Spirit Release, Coaching, Color Therapy, Bodywork. Meditation, and other techniques that release toxic ideas and emotions.

  • Development – Healing involves the total development of a humans being’s potential. This goes beyond symptom removal. The goal is to develop all of a person’s latent talents and abilities. These latent talents and abilities are vast. As Spiritual Being having a human experiences and a Human Being having Spiritual experiences we are here to learn and teach. We have a pre-agreed upon purpose—spiritual covenant.

In other words, humans are here for more than eating, working. sleeping, and raising families to insure the perpetuation of humans, albeit those activities are vital.

This aspect of on-going healing requires meditation and a totally healthy food plan and lifestyle. However, nothing unpleasant is required. It is an on-going process for anyone because Mental, Emotional and Spiritual growth is infinite. Such authors as Deepak Chopra, M.D., How To Know God – The Soul’s Journey Into The Mystery Of Mysteries; Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations With God, Gerold G. Jampolsky, M.D., Love Is Letting Go Of Fear, Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose, don Miguel Ruiz, the Four Agreements are excellent guides to assist you on your journey.

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