Do You Have A Case Of The “Some Day Syndrome”

Do You Have A Case Of The “Some Day Syndrome” – a.k.a  SDS?

  • Some day you will be as successful as you know you can be.
  • Some day you will start to play full out in your business or career.
  • Some day you will have more clients with ease and flow.
  • Some day you will get a promotion.  
  • Some day you will experience full confidence as a business owner or in your career.
  • Some day you will do something about all the things you desire, but now you are too busy.

 I invite you to change your Some Day to TODAY!!!

You can ‘Just do it.’ My wish for you is that Today you decide to ‘Just do it.’  And years from now you will remember the day you decided to do what you say you desire. Today you decided to do something new, edgy and risky to make a big difference in your life. As a result, you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something you usually hesitate doing.  ‘Just do it.’

Because of your decision to ‘Just do it,’ you have more clients, customers or got the promotion you deserve.

The first step may seem to be the most difficult, because you worry ahead about all the other steps, that seem too many or too something. I will share a secret.  The first step is neither the hardest nor the easiest, it is just a step. As soon as you take the first step; you will know the next step and the next one after that and so on and so on.

I can hear the chatter, ‘Yes, but, you don’t know the reality of my situation.  You haven’t had to deal with_____.  The list of excuses that keep you stuck; go on and on.

The next secret is; everyone has some issues in their life that could prevent them from ‘Just doing it.’  However, they make a decision to achieve their dreams, desires and successes. You can too.

You can start with your decision to make today different than yesterday. You can make a decision to discover those blocks or fears that keep you stuck in ‘Some Day Syndrome.’

I would like you to make the decision right now!!! Yes, right now; take the first step by contacting me to assist you to remove the blocks, fears or doubts from your mind.

Do it now before another ‘Some Day’ is gone. 

Call now and learn how you can have the life you desire.

Call NOW for your 20 minute FREE, No obligation consultation – +1 – 480-794-1561

What you can expect:

• More optimism

• Issues Resolved

• More Self-Confidence

• Improved Self-worthiness

• Decreased pain in Mind, Body and Spirit

• Improved sleep patterns – feel energized

• More Success in Personal and Professional Endeavors

• Increased motivation for activities, social interactions, exercise, and more

What do you have to lose, except what is holding you back?

You and only you can give the gift of the desires you wish to create. ‘Just do it!!  Make the phone call.  You deserve it.  You are worth it. ‘Just do It.’ ###


*Nike’s “Just do it” slogan, unveiled 25 years ago July 1988 by Wieden + Kennedy, might be the last great tagline in advertising history. According to Nike’s mission statement, ‘We’re all capable of a little more — a little faster, a little higher, a little stronger, a little more. And when we look at all of the little things we’ve done we’ll see the big things we’re doing.’