Do YOU Know These Poor Health Categories?

Every year more people die from poor lifestyle choices (such as bad diets) than from smoking tobacco.

Heroin kills more adults than guns with 50,000 fatal overdoses a year. You can heal the mental/emotional trauma that prompts people to numb their pain.

For the first time in history children are not expected to live longer than their parents.

More than two-thirds (68.8%) of American adults are considered to be overweight or obese.

More than half of Americans live with one or more serious, preventable diagnoses, ranging from abdominal pain—IBS, Leaky Gut, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis to Zits and everything in between—type-2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, etc. These diagnoses are responsible for seven out of ten deaths. They are predicted to increase significantly over the next two decades. It is significantly important to notice that the sickness industry—i.e. Western Medicine a.k.a. Allopathic Medicine predicts sickness statistics on a routine basis. For decades the pharmaceutical and medical constabulary have predicted that one incidence of swine flu or other diagnoses will be a pandemic. Therefore, everyone is instructed ad nauseam to get a flu shot, shingles vaccine, pneumonia vaccine or a vaccine to prevent bone loss and the list goes on and on.

The U.S. lags near the bottom of the Bloomberg Health-Care Efficiency Index since it was created in 2012. China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Singapore rank at the top. These governments also play a stronger role in regulating and providing care, with spending per capita averaging $2,386 and longevity averaging about 83 years.

My goal is to prevent you from becoming part of or remove yourself from these dreaded statistics, which is why I invite you to Learn how you can adopt a healthy life style in Mind, Body and Spirit…What You Need To KNOW to Look in the Mirror and Say, “WOW” you look great!!

China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Singapore and many other countries practice prevention and wellness care. Health is not merely the absence of disease, it is a state of complete physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. It is a resource for everyday life and fulfills a birth right—Health and wellness.

Hong Kong health and wellness ministers believe having a clear vision is essential to any strategy as it provides focus and also serves to remind people of the long-term purposes of each person’s health and wellness care. With successful implementation of the strategic framework Hong Kong has a well-informed population that is able to take responsibility for their own health, a caring community that integrates public and private sectors to ensure healthy choices for the public, a competent healthcare profession that views health promotion and preventive care as priorities, and a sustainable healthcare system that incorporates strong elements of health promotion, disease prevention and healing care, thereby significantly reducing the toll of disease burden including disability and premature death.

Proof preventive care works: Only one in 10,000 women in China die from breast cancer, compared to one in twelve (i in 12) in Britain and an average of one in ten (1 in 10) in the U.S.

Holistic health and wellness care is a comprehensive approach to health and wellness care that treats the “whole” person, not simply symptoms and disease. Mind, Body and Spirit are integrated and inseparable. Holistic health and wellness care practitioners do more than merely identifying and treating specific symptom(s). Holistic health and wellness care looks at the various aspects of your lifestyle and health issues, and design a course of treatment to help you reach your optimum level of health and wellness.

Holistic health care is not only concerned with the absence of disease, but with a positive state of well-being. Holistic health care combines the wisdom, traditions and disciplines of Eastern healing protocols with deep healing in mind, body and spirit at the subconscious and soul level to achieve this ideal.

Holistic health care engages the person to participate and take responsibility for his/her health promotion and recovery if necessary. Holistic health and wellness care philosophy is that each person has a responsibility for his/her own health. Each person is required to be responsible for the daily care of their health through healthy food plan, exercise, lifestyle, attitudes and peace of mind, which constitutes wellness.

Holistic health and wellness practitioners support each person every step of the way, helping them to make appropriate choices and take responsibility for their well being.

Core Principles of our Holistic Health Philosophy

  • Holistic health and wellness involves the “whole” person.
  • Mind, Body and Spirit are integrated and inseparable.
  • The Mind, Body and Spirit contain an energy system that underlies and enlivens the Mind, Physical and Ethereal body.
  • Holistic health and wellness cae treats the “whole” person, versus symptoms and disease.
  • Holistic health and wellness care is not the absence of disease, but a positive and dynamic state of being.
  • Holistic health and wellness is achieved with healing the cause(s) and in the Mind, Body and Spirit rather than treating symptoms, using natural and preventive approaches to health and wellness.
  • Each person has a responsibility for his/her own health and are required to be an active participant in his/her own healing. No one is a passive by-stander.

By understanding the causes of disharmony in Mind, Body and Spirit and making changes and adjustments in the energy system, harmony, balance and good health and wellness can be maintained or restored. True healing focuses not only on the treatment of symptoms, but on the underlying root cause(s) of imbalance and trauma.

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