Do You Worry About What And How?

People who contact me know in their hearts they are meant to do and have more… however they aren’t sure what that looks like or what to do. 

And that’s okay! 

When you start thinking about what you’d love your life to look like, oftentimes you might feel limited by what you think you can do… which is based on what you’ve experienced before. 

I suggest that you put the “what” and “how” on hold for now and trust in the flow of life.  Ahhh. That is a big challenge. A big challenge because we were taught to do….do it. just do it. Or you were cautioned to avoid failing. After all, failing would make you the laughing stock in front of family and friends. And more daunting you couldn’t live it down.

You don’t need to know everything right now that could transpire. She learned to turn off her naysayer voice and others’ naysaying. Such as,

discouraging you from pursuing your goals, adding doubt, eroding your confidence, and keeping you off balance with their chatter that you have bitten off more than you can chew.

  • Trust that the Universe is going to open up for you. Yes, when we are open to receiving versus doing, doing, the Universe gives the road map.

 Sometimes it’s about taking a leap of faith… sometimes it’s about taking just one small step forward and then the path appears! 

Reach for the stars | Templates | Stencil
Reach for the stars

I worked with a woman a few years ago who wanted to broaden her work horizons. Not knowing what was next for her life… but knowing there was no time to lose when it came to living it–I assisted her to begin charting a path!

She realized she wanted to teach at the university level… but couldn’t imagine getting a Ph.D. when she hadn’t gotten a bachelor’s degree yet at age 25. Together we worked to ground her vision to her ultimate desire. As a website designer, she knew her passion for aesthetics was her calling. Teaching Art History became her choice for a long-term career.

She learned to release limiting beliefs, re-energize her passions and learn to accept that ‘how’ would appear as needed. How to pay for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate seemed daunting. One step, one semester at a time she was able to find grants, work, and continue on her path to a doctorate.

Currently, she lives a completely different life designed around the things she loves. She married the love of her life, together they created two beautiful children. They travel and have more happiness than she ever imagined. You can too.