Dreams Are Powerful and Empowering When You Stay Focused

From my own life experience and assisting many people to create the life they desire and deserve, I know that everyone is more powerful and stronger than ANY life circumstance.

What you desire and would LOVE to create in your life still matters. And despite any upheaval in the world, your dreams, whether big or small, CAN be achieved. 

The truth is, no matter what your circumstances are, wherever you are, how old or young you are and you have a desire to change things, you can. You might need assistance and a road map.  I can provide both. 

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Firstly, I invite you to take a breath with me… Take a deep breath through your nose into the bottom of your lungs and let it out slowly through your mouth. Notice your body and mind feels lighter and energized. 

You might be feeling fear now…that is OK. Just notice if you feel anxious, worried, or even panic. If you have any negative feelings, let them go. Take another deep breath. Notice your body and mind feels lighter and energized.  See how easy it is to quiet an over-reactive mind. When you take deep breaths you come into a NEW vibration…a frequency of creativity, generativity, and possibility.

Think about this for a moment. If you could bring your dreams to life right now, even during the challenge we are all facing…

What would you love to do? 

At this moment it is absolutely an essential time to stay connected to the vibration of what you would most love to be, have, do and give in your lifetime. It makes no difference how old or young you are. Why?

Because we are all connected. When you pursue your dreams you stay connected to the Infinite. 

Your dreams are your most direct, powerful link to the high-vibration frequencies of love, joy, gratitude, abundance, and purpose.

Avoid getting caught up in the drama….’The sky is falling. The sky is falling. 

When you put your dreams aside…when you let them go…when you decide your dreams aren’t important anymore – you cut yourself off from the best life you can live (yes, even during a time of upheaval, you need to stay focused on your dreams and desires.)

Your dreams are not selfish or frivolous pursuits… not now, and not EVER. Your dreams are as important now as they were before any upheaval. 

With my life experience and teaching of 30+ years, I can assure you that your dreams are powerful and empowering when you stay focused.

Your dreams are like super-charged batteries, filling you with the energy of the Universe.

Your dreams keep you alive and open to the infinite blessings and golden opportunities all around you for a better life (yes, even during a world upheaval!).

While your mind may come up with dozens of reasons, excuses, fear, and thoughts contrary to what I’m saying…

I imagine your heart can feel what I say is true.

If that’s true…

I invite you to contact me and take a closer look at how I can assist you to create your dreams and desires. I offer a 20-minute FREE no-obligation conversation to answer your questions and to explain how the process will be tailored to your needs.

Yes, You can create a better life in spite of any upheavals or circumstances.  

If you follow the system of transformation I assist you to achieve, I know you will break through fear, anxiety, grief, doubt, hopelessness, helplessness or lack of knowledge. You can find your footing and confidently create positive change in the four areas of life that matter most – health, relationships, work, and time and money freedom.

While any upheaval is new to everyone, there are those who will find a new way to navigate or those who give up.

What’s NOT new is the fundamental nature of any situation: Challenge and the willingness to find a way and persevere. 

I have overcome challenges in my life, using the tools I will teach you.

People around the world are stuck in the frequencies of fear and lack right now.  No matter where you are–completely broke or nearly broke, you can start anew and create a life you desire and love.

Many people, I have assisted before you have built their dreams and found creative ways to increase abundance, care for their families and serve their communities, in spite of circumstances.

I would love to assist you to do the same.

If you feel called to create a better life, right now and for the future… and you’re not sure where to start or how to get there… what I teach will catapult you ahead!


  • Starting each day feeling energized, vibrantly healthy and ready for anything.
  • Feeling deeply satisfied in your romantic relationship, secure in having “your person” by your side as you navigate the vicissitudes of the world.
  • Spending each day living your purpose, doing work that fulfills you and making a lasting difference in the lives of others.

You can absolutely create this (and much more) for yourself, right now – you simply need to know how. I will assist you to create the formula that is best for you. 

I believe with my whole heart and soul, that you are FAR more powerful and stronger than ANY life circumstance.

I hope to hear from you to start your new life!

Wishing you all the best during any challenging time.

If this is you, let’s connect. Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call now.

About Dr. Dorothy: 

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., International Best Selling Author is a recognized authority on bridging Science and Human Potential are a successful influencer in the public and private sectors. As a consultant, coach, and keynote speaker, she brings 20 plus years of global experience to behavioral change and human potential.