Easiest Weight Reduction and Weight Maintenance Plan

Oprah’s O magazine published the benefits of using hypnosis for weight reduction. Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated, Red Book, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal and many magazines continue to publish the benefits of utilizing hypnosis for personal change. Once informed about hypnosis, you will know that it is safe, natural, and very effective–No pills, potions, meetings, or body parts cut out. Hypnosis works.

How does hypnosis work for weight reduction and weight maintenance?

Weight reduction and maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and there are several ways to assist you in resolving your food issues. The following basic steps are tailored to your unique needs:

1.      End your “hunger” cravings

Together, we’ll look further back in the “chain” of the issues – to the emotional “hunger” and deprivation that drives your overeating.  The feelings that are not physical hunger. The craving/emptiness/_______ feeling that makes it DIFFICULT for you to eat the healthy way your body needs.  Through hypnosis you will access the root cause of the feelings that are unresolved that drive your hunger pains (signals).

2.      End unhealthy food habits

For many people, once the emotional triggers have been addressed, the craving/empty feelings resolve on their own. You will find that once you are no longer compelled to overeat, eating healthy becomes easy because it’s not a battle anymore. If you have any remaining bad habits, you will address them directly. Once the emotional and deprivation “hunger” feelings have been resolved, eliminating any remaining habits is usually easy.

3. Follow-up

I offer follow-up sessions so that if any obstacle comes up after the issue seems resolved (particularly when you reach your ideal weight). – One or two follow-up sessions are usually adequate to address any issue that might come up.

Is all the work done through hypnosis?

Oftentimes, all work is done through hypnosis – sometimes processing aspects of your issues are done on the conscious level. There are a number of ways you will be working to achieve your ideal weight. All the work is tailored to you as an individual, so that no matter how it is transpiring for you, we can use the right combination of approaches to get your issues resolved successfully.

How many sessions does it take?

Everyone is unique.  How long it would take to resolve your ‘craving/ hunger’ issues is dependent on your uniqueness. You may work slowly, you may work quickly. Some weight issues are straightforward, some are complicated. Research reveals that the majority of people usually require six sessions, but many people need more time than that.  But, why wait? Isn’t it time you took care of yourself and your needs?

How much does it cost?

I offer a reduced fee, which will be discussed when you call for a 15 minute FREE no obligation consultation.

What are the results?

Everyone can transform their ‘carving/hunger’ issues.  I have assisted people for 30 years in transforming many issues from Abdominal Pain to Weight Reduction and Maintenance and everything in between.  It takes more work for some than others.  Many people have resolved other issues (confidence, self-esteem, etc.) in the process. The major factor for your success is the willingness to stay the course. Commitment, determination, perseverance and dedication to creating your health are all you need. I facilitate the process.

What’s the next step?

The next step is making the decision. Why wait?  Haven’t you waited long enough to have the final say on this subject – the final say of having the body you desire.

I look forward to working with you when you are:

– willing to actively participate in accomplishing your goal.
– willing to learn and change to achieve your desired outcome.
– willing to engage in a natural, drug-free solution to your  issues.

– willing to stay the course rather than looking for a quick-fix.
–  looking for a long-term solution rather than a short-term boost.
–  willing to get “off the fence” about resolving your ‘cravings and hunger.’

Sound good?

Take the first step towards resolving your weight issue; call now! What are you waiting for…more weight?

There are two kinds of people. Those who continue to do what they have always done; expecting different results and those who take action to resolve their issues. Which one are you?  The choice is yours. Choose well for your wellness.

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