Guest Blog – Emotional Releases You Can Experience from Network Spinal

Network Spinal, also known as Network Spinal Analysis, is a holistic approach to
wellness and healing. It doesn’t involve the traditional ‘cracking’ of bones that you
may have experienced in other chiropractic procedures. This technique focuses on
energy by identifying parts of the body that are resourced and guiding those parts
to help other areas of the body that may be lacking in energy or resourcefulness.
People oftentimes experience emotional releases during a Network Spinal
entrainment. As humans, we tend to store tension throughout our bodies as a form
of defense or when coping with something. In particular, if someone has
experienced a traumatic event, the fight or flight response that their body was
thrown into can result in stored tension throughout areas of the neck, shoulders, or

Through this gentle force chiropractic technique, people can release the stored
tension and experience a powerful emotional release. Since Network Spinal is as
well known among other forms of energy work and holistic healing, we will review
in detail what an emotional release can be like and its benefits.

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Benefits of an Entrainment

Physical Pain
I don’t want to dismiss the physical benefits that people experience while under
network spinal care. Similar to a traditional chiropractor, you can heal physical
injuries and pains by getting entrained. It’s common for people to experience relief
from physical pain, while also working through past emotional trauma

Emotional Trauma
Emotional releases can come in many forms. For example, a person can come in
angry because they had a bad day at work, and leave feeling refreshed and happy
after receiving network spinal care. All emotions are valid to each person
experiencing them.

The benefits of Network Spinal are incredibly powerful for people who have
experienced severe trauma in life. This could be abuse, the loss of a loved one, or
any major life event that was traumatic for that individual. It’s understandable that
experiencing events like that is hard to ‘get over ’ and push through. Some would
argue that you never truly get over something like that fully.

Network Spinal helps people work through physical, stored tension in the body from
these emotional times. Where there is tension, there is energy. By releasing it from
these areas, your body and soul now have more space for new things in your life.
This could lead to big transitions in life, or simply change your mood slightly
throughout your day.

How Often Do Emotional Releases Evolve?

These emotional releases can evolve at essentially anytime during entrainment.
It’s not uncommon for them to evolve within the first 30 seconds. If someone
enters into a network spinal session in a highly emotional state, it’s likely that they
will experience some kind of energetic or emotional movement within themselves.
There is a cause and effect to everything in the Universe. Emotional releases are
not a requirement for fully ‘experiencing’ network spinal. Each person can
experience different things while under this holistic care – there is no right or wrong
way to do it.

Whether you are dealing with physical pain, emotional trauma, or simply looking to
connect your mind and body more, Network Spinal can help. This energy work can
lead to profound changes within yourself that you may not have known were
possible initially.

About Dr. Kira Wong:

Dr. Kira Wong is a Network Spinal Chiropractor based in Solana Beach, California. Dr. Kira enjoys writing for the health and wellness industry. She practices a holistic approach to chiropractic at her Wellness Center with her twin sister.