Enjoy Your Journey’s Sights

You no doubt you have heard the cliché, hindsight is 20/20. This cliché is poignant and more valuable than one might think a first glance.

It is easy to reflect on the past and think, “Wow, I could have seen that.”  I knew that why didn’t I think of it when I needed it.  If I knew then, what I know now.”

Of course, hindsight brings clarity. It helps guide your direction, right now.

You can bring that same clarity to your foresight and for your insight. You have the ability to manage different kinds of sights.

You can have clear foresight – the intuitive sense of something that you, perhaps, have no idea how to bring to fruition.  However, you can feel the pull of spirit and universal energy and choose the direction you will take one step at a time.

Coupled with hindsight and foresight you can have insight for your journey.  The key is being mindful to pay attention to what is working within the deepest parts of your being.

Pause now and focus on subscribing to this clarity, use these abilities the best you can and in turn, let them guide you. As you practice drawing on hindsight and foresight you will notice you become more effective in reaching your goals. You will also, enjoy the journey more as you watch Your self create your greatest rewards.

Enjoy your Journey’s  Sights.  ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician Hypnosis Practitcioner, author, international speaker and inspirational leader, specializes in: Mind, Body, Spirit healing and Physical/Sexual Abuse Prevention and Recovery. Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life’s challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening. https://drdorothy.net