Go With The Flow – Universal Law

Go With The Flow – Universal Law

Go with the flow is often espoused to remind oneself or others that there is a natural progression.  However, few people fully understand this common and profound idiom. The universe has a natural flow – we see this natural flow taking place minute by minute. The inhabitants on this planet are not only influenced by the universe’s natural flow, we need to be aligned with it, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  When we are in disharmony we experience many mishaps, disruptions and suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Universal Laws are inter-related and founded on the understanding that everything is energy, including plants, creatures, animals, and humans. There are twelve Universal Laws and twenty-one sub laws that are guidelines to assist us to be in alignment with the universe’s natural flow. Going with the flow means to be non-resistant to the natural flow of life, activities and doings.

Water is the epitome of non-resistance. Notice that huge dams are built to channel the flow of water to meet our needs. Taking its own course; water flows as it will to a destination – the oceans and seas.

It is clear when one sees the erosion created by water, that water has a natural flow. The Grand Canyon is the grandest version of water expressing its natural flow. During heavy rain we see that water sweeps everything before it in a torrential outburst, bridges, buildings, trees and little can withstand its force.

Think about how a river begins. Water starts as a little stream from snow melt, rain and/or a spring high in the mountains, hills or on open land. The stream runs over boulders, fallen trees, and it does not stop and wait for its energy or its force to build up until it can push the obstacle out of its path. It finds a way to go over, under or around any obstacle.

Water is uninterested in the boulder, tree or any obstacle. It is focused solely on creating a path and moving where it’s current pulls it.

Metaphorically, water is a perfect role model for us to remember that when we come across an obstacle, we need to find our path – over, around or under it.  We need to understand how we can be non-resistant to obstacles. We need to stay focused solely on creating and moving where our current pulls us. Flow is one of the greatest Laws of Life.

“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.” –Brian Tracy.   Water knows this well – it flows from the high mountains to the sea or ocean thousands of miles away.  You can complete your goals by staying on your journey/path – even when you need to go around, over or under many obstacles or no matter how long it takes.    ##


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