Guest Blog – June 2-4 Dallas Summit to End CP

June 2-4 Dallas Summit to End CP

An Invitation from Al Crowell
April 1, 2011


 Things are moving against corporal punishment of children:

This is a pivotal moment. Join me at the Summit in Dallas!

I’m a long-time board member of PTAVE ( and wonder if you feel as I do?


  • You care and stay informed, but are not the more active few doing the heavy lifting.
  • You wonder if you are making a difference in ending CP any sooner than evolution is going to do it.
  • You wish for a larger united front that embodies all the individual efforts and groups that you could be part of.
  • You are encouraged by current events like Unlimited Justice that Mark Ecko has created, bills pending in states, and generally more exposure in the press including editorials and letters.

I’m going to the June 2-4 Dallas Summit to End CP where the speakers and attendees include authors, educators, legislators and experienced managers of centers to end CP.

I hope to discuss with as many of us who come the following issues and more that might also come up:

  • How to relate to Unlimited Justice in the school CP movement and in the future campaign to end spanking.
  • Do we want a monthly newsletter to focus and organize a national sense of cohesiveness, some sort of clearing house to keep track of what’s happening and a way to form a united front?
  • Create “shock troops” to make quick responses or respond on YouTube, etc. These could form local groups. Spank Out Day has materials and ideas already for that at Center for Effective Discipline. Would an inexpensive energizing conference each year keep us moving forward?

The forces against our program are powerful:

  • The Christian’s fundamentalist message using the bible to inform good christian discipline (pain on the child) and
  • The large group of “keep government out of our lives” folks.

Changes are happening and will continue to move in our direction, but we can speed them up and direct them into positive methods of helping little humans become big humans.

I hope to join with as many of you as possible at the Summit in Dallas.

Below is the web site and the early sign up is still in effect to save some money. Two nights in a hotel should do it also.

The website listing everything including the speakers:

Please let me know if you are going and I’ll start a roster. Also, Nadine Block suggested we use the Center for Effective Discipline’s booth as a place to get and give information about gathering.


Al Crowell
(415) 647-7265