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The Ultimate Conspiracy: The Biomedical Paradigm by James McCumiskey is a highly controversial and extraordinary book. It is an analytical examination of Modern Medicine and of a real scientific alternative to it called New Medicine or German New Medicine. The central message of this book is that 95% of the procedures carried out by Modern Medicine are scientifically and medically wrong. Even the most skeptical reader would have doubts after having read it all, because the elements brought forth by author James McCumiskey are totally credible.

Using real life examples and anecdotal evidence, compelling and surprising proof is given for the premise that we are all currently subject to the Biomedical Paradigm. The Biomedical Paradigm can be described as the generally accepted belief that diseases can be cured by medication, that germs cause disease, that viruses exist, and that diseases must be treated and their “symptoms” fixed, rather than people being treated as individual human beings. Modern Medicine attempts to treat the disease and its symptoms rather than treat the person.

This is not based on a theory developed by McCumiskey himself but by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer who, almost 30 years ago, researched the hypothesis that severe shocks cause cancer, because he too had suffered a terrible shock because of the sudden death of his 19 years old son Dirk Hamer. His body of work is now called ‘German New Medicine’ and  states emphatically that all illnesses and cancers are connected to a severe shock that has occurred in the person’s life and there must be a resolution of that shock for the person to return to his normal healthy state. Disease is not a random failure of Mother Nature. Health and disease comes from within, and once we understand that, we can deal with the event in our lives that caused our cancer or disease.

There are a number of case studies of people who have resolved the conflict causing their shock and have been cured from various cancers, and diseases like MS, diabetes, allergies and heart attacks. These case studies provide compelling evidence for this German New Medicine.

Why does the world ignore German New Medicine; and why can it not be officially tested?
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James McCumiskey is an accountant living in Belfast, Ireland. He is married with two boys. He has no medical qualifications what-so-ever. Prior to his father’s death from liver cancer in October 2002, James had no interest at all in medicine. He was always vaguely suspicious about pharmaceuticals, but apart from that, he would not have questioned the medical profession.

In the course of his father dying, James came across the work of a German physician who had a simple and plausible explanation for the origin and the mechanism of all cancers and most other diseases.

After his father’s death, James resolved to investigate this “German New Medicine”. He understood the basics of it immediately and has read about it and thought about it every day since.

His motivation in writing this book is that if the knowledge of the German New Medicine had been widely known in 2002, his father would still have had a serious cancer, liver cancer but he would have had a 95% chance of surviving it.

Modern Medicine cannot change its deadly course. This book is for anybody who wants to understand why Modern Medicine is fundamentally flawed. This book only succeeds when YOU, like the author, realize the full Horror of Modern Medicine, which is the Ultimate Conspiracy.

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And some more details from the book:
The “secret” is the five Biological Laws of German New Medicine, which are easily understood by the lay-person. Once you understand these biological laws you will no longer fear cancer nor other diseases like MS or diabetes because you will understand them.

No national medical organisation will verify the Five Biological Laws of German New Medicine. These Five Biological Laws have already been verified thousands of time by individual doctors but these verifications continue to be rejected by the medical profession.

No medical organisation will verify Dr Lanka’s incredible claims that there is no scientific evidence proving the existence of any pathogenic virus because this would mean that the Germ Theory of Disease is wrong and with that most of Modern Medicine.

My response to the disbelief I faced when I told friends and colleagues was to write a book and explain this to the best of my ability. I have no medical qualifications whatsoever and if I can understand it and explain it, then maybe other people, my readers, will also understand it too.

I also wanted to link in the work of Dr Stefan Lanka and Karl Krafeld from Klein-Klein-Aktion who emphatically state that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of any so-called pathogenic virus. This is I believe the major weakness of Modern Medicine, and is how Modern Medicine can be finally overcome.

Most people in my experience can buy into the idea that a “biological shock” can cause cancer. But then they think that the cancer must be “cured” by conventional means – poison – chemotherapy, slash – radical surgery or burn – radiotherapy.

However, most people, 99% of people, currently cannot accept the idea that the Germ Theory of Disease is wrong and that pathogenic viruses such as HIV-AIDS, Bird-Flu – H5N1 and measles do not exist.

In the book I outline what I believe to be the Achilles’ Heel of Modern Medicine – the incredible fact that there is no scientific proof for the existence of any pathogenic virus such as HIV-AIDS, Bird Flu – H5N1, measles, rubella ….
The Germ Theory of Disease is the central dogma of Modern Medicine. Once it is accepted to be false then the era of Modern Medicine will be finally over.

I want people to think and to understand and then to accept that most of what they are told by Modern Medicine is scientifically wrong. The facts are correct, for example, that an individual has one or more cancers. But a dogma of Modern Medicine called metastasis, the major dogma of cancer, states that cancer spreads from one location in the body to another location, is scientifically and medically wrong and is an absolute lie.

Dr Hamer believes that once German New Medicine is accepted, that about 95% of the medical procedures carried out by Modern Medicine can be scrapped, because they will be understood to be medically and scientifically unnecessary.
Modern Medicine cannot incorporate German New Medicine because it would in effect mean the destruction of Modern Medicine.

German New Medicine will become the standard orthodox medicine one day. My book is a step along the path to ensure that that this does eventually occur. This day will only occur when enough ordinary people “wake up”.

Modern Medicine works brilliantly for trauma: car-crash, burns, broken bones and prosthetic limbs. It also works well for plastic surgery.
So yes, German New Medicine can replace all aspects of Modern Medicine, but it will clearly incorporate the advances that Modern Medicine has made in surgery, specifically dealing with trauma and plastic surgery.