Guidance From The Universe – How To Interpret It Correctly

Guidance From The Universe – How To Interpret It Correctly

The Universe gives us information continuously so that we can navigate life’s vicissitudes. The key is accepting that the Universe sends information that is continuously available, and interpreting the information. Once you accept that the Universe sends information continuously you need to notice when the information is in front of you and how it applies.

The first step in the process is slowing down the pace at which you move through life and pay closer attention to your thoughts, feelings and doings. Often, you are too busy to consider what may or may not be pertinent. You might ask the Universe for guidance, yet fail to recognize the information it sends you in response.

Learning the subtle Universe’s language will help you interpret the guidance the Universe sends. Amazing the Universe sends information to you in the style you are willing to receive it. For example: You might be in tune with animals. Your dog, cat and wild animals will bring you the information. I am open to animals and creatures bringing information – and they do. I am also open to hearing information as if someone is speaking out loud or in a dream.

You are blessed with a connection to the Universal Knowledge or Collective Unconscious (coined by Carl Jung) that allows the Universe to communicate directly with you. An intermediary messenger is not necessary, however, sometimes it might be delivered by: a family member, friend, child, spouse, boss, stranger, boss or news report, et al.

In order to understand the information relayed vis-à-vis these connections, however, you need to learn to pay attention and what to look for. To notice and correctly interpret the Universe’s information you need to be open to it – open your heart and mind and invite the Universe to guide you. Many people are blind to the information they receive because they expect angels with harps singing the information, a bright beacon of light shining from the sky or a booming voice, saying, ‘Hear this.’

The Universe’s information is of this earth and therefore easy to encounter. A song stuck in your mind or a number that pops up everywhere you look after you ask the Universe for guidance can be signs there is information vis-à-vis the song’s lyrics or the meaning of the number you saw frequently. Interpret the song’s lyrics and number’s meaning or the lyrics and number might lead you to the next clue in the journey you need to embark upon.

Information might come from strangers, or jump out of a book, a movie or an unexpected incident. The information might be a direct answer to your question. Other times the information will point you in the direction you need to go, or warn you about impending difficulties. When you desire the Universe to deliver information, state, ‘I am ready and willing to accept the information for____.”

Some things you hear or see may be intended for others. When you are receptive and patient, the information intended for you will become easier to recognize. Yesterday, I pondered this incident.

An 11-year old girl noticed a baby woodpecker being stalked by a cat. Being a friend to animals, she picked-up the baby bird, which seemed too frightened to flutter away. When she was unable to find the bird’s mother, she asked her mom, if she could bring the orphaned bird home for a few days to make sure it was safe and uninjured, then, she planned to release it. Her mother agreed and was proud of her daughter’s caring and compassionate nature.

On the way home they stopped at a store and brought the bird inside, because they didn’t want to leave it in the hot car. Unwittingly, they encountered a Department of Fish & Wildlife Officer, who informed them that the bird was a protected species and it was illegal to transport it. Neither, mother or daughter knew it was an endangered species. None-the-less, she had saved the endangered baby bird from being eaten by a cat. This information was conveyed to the Fish & Wildlife officer.

They returned home with the bird and after observing it they knew it was uninjured and they set it free. The mother reported this to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Two weeks later, the Fish & Wildlife officer delivered a ticket for $535 for transporting an endangered species. After many phone calls with incredulity, and frustration the Fish & Wildlife agreed to dismiss the ticket with an apology.

My pondering is:

‘What are the odds of this scenario playing out – coincidentally encountering a Fish and Wildlife officer in a store minutes after rescuing an endangered bird?’ There are no coincidences in the Universe’s Laws.

‘What is the Universe’s information in this scenario and for whom? Maybe it is for everyone. It is an opportunity for:

• the 11-year-old girl to demonstrate her love and compassion for animals.
• the mother to demonstrate her willingness to stand up for her and her daughter’s rights against a formidable authority figure.
• the Fish and Wildlife officer to learn to trust that some people are humane and trustworthy in an inhumane and untrusting society. And that issuing a ticket to a person who honestly and forthrightly reported releasing the endangered bird was overkill.
• the list goes on…

This incident is a perfect example of how the Universe sends information and one can learn from it or not. However, you need to learn to pay attention and learn to look for the value in the scenario. To notice and correctly interpret the Universe’s information you need to be open to it – open your heart and mind and invite the Universe to guide you. The choice is for each individual – Free Will applies. I wish you well on your journey.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings.