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ASEA Testimonials – Success Stories

Reports, success stories What kind of illnesses may be effective by the time it may be a therapy  ASEA? The repository of the opportunities are endless!

Pulmonary cancer
My mother started coughing very much in August. Fever it was not accompanied by him, began because of this the from an examination going regularly to an examination. The doctors had misgivings about pneumonia, patches were seen the his lung, but safe one was not said. The histological one occurred in the interest of the affirmation then examination. The result takes everybody unexpectedly, pulmonary cancer. I do not desire that day for nobody. He was spent in turning into 2 days of our full seed, crying. But it was necessary to get back on his feet, to search was needed, we from this the way out, what the opportunities. It was necessary to operate, that onto him onto 1 month ensued.The doctor made it confront us after the operation the reality, not from a tumour there is a word, but talked about an advanced state, widespread. Then following the operation The doctor outlined the situation to my mother lord. To say neither is needed, awfully freaked out, saying, mi may come yet. From the hospital on the way home my mother’s girlfriendASEA recommended it to us. Said very good ones and interesting ones about him, because of this we believed it, we try it. For this already more than 2 of his months. Since then too we are on 2 chemotherapies too. The changes, which we noticed,,He, he has an appetite, strength for my mother, to do his volition, he provides strength to him in this fight. His blood picture starts getting into order, not easily tired. The first one we confronted the hair loss following chemotherapy. The doctor mentioned it, that expectedly this ensues, but nobody said that this causes pain. Yes, since, very much they hurt the hair bulbs, his feeling like that were for my mommy, , as if there would be thorns on his scalp, not was able to comb his hair neither. Into the nozzle bottle cast ASEA, then it  we squirted it daily many times. Induced a very pleasant feeling, relaxed the scalp, what meant big help. We squirt the scalp since then. 2 chemotherapies wait for us yet, but we are very hopeful. Very much give a plus to us. – T. Eszter (Hungary)

Kidney cancer
My brother-in-law was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2011 of his Decembers, immediate operation they pursued an end. Got chemotherapy treatment then, and medicine. 2012 Augusts they discovered a brain tumour, on which they performed an operation in the Győr hospital, at him in a month. THE received radiotherapy and chemotherapy following operation I looked for it for him at this time on the internet it ASEA onto water, since I heard it about him. I persuaded it to test it following the operation, let him start the cure, did not stop the medicinal treatment naturally. Initially not experienced change, he did not have an appetite, started losing weight rapidly, from day to day weakened. A pain, nausea and vomit were muscles day, than day. Ct examination he established that metastasises formed in his organization. 85-90 were his kg bodyweights, 2-3 weeks 20-25 lost a kg on the other hand, his general condition was bad, was not able to get up, his weakness . ASEA it started ceasing to be slowly in the course of the second monthly consumption of a liquid muscle a pain, the consumed food remained in his organization already, his mood improved, only enough are weak yet. Knows little time above already with a cane to be.His blood picture started improving the tumour marker my mouth, which prognosticates a small-scale improvement, decreased. Unfortunately yet there are days, when worse, but now already repeatedly better his general condition. His bodyweight we distribute it continuously and based on the yesterday’s measurement already 1 kg testsúlygyarapodást registered. This indicates that something started in the organization, and we lived in hopes, that it will improve his state. Now daily 1,2dl a morning and an evening drink it in two details. Best regards: K. Sándor (Hungary)
I am 48 year one, I go regularly to gynecological screenings since years, between them onto mammography. With the occasion of the last year’s examination, two cysts were found in my left breast one 12 and one 6 mm expansion. My gynecologist said the diagnoses seeing it, we wait for it the next year ultrasound the result of an examination and we see that the cysts increase then then or no. The this year’s one I started being on a diet because of the May of a year ASEA, other other food accessories and I did not take medication and I serve. During ASEA consumption, immediately experienced the energy the increase of my level and my bearing capacity was better, and I hoped that he will have a good effect on the cysts. Since I take the product, avoided the sicknesses. A  year passed my last gynecological screening, I was given by my doctor a time for the mammography. The radiologist looked at it the my last year’s diagnoses and started the screening, I had to laugh when he is afraid on a clock already cross examined and the cysts were being looked for. Nothing, ASEA was found of course duly. I am very happy about ASEA and even bigger one having helped me I can recommend it as others with a conviction.B.NELLI (Hungary)

Sclerosis multiplex
1977 of his Octobers SM I have an illness, but I got to my fortune in only 2010 of his Mays into a wheelchair. My foot started in 2009 of his Marches leaving to be nervous from a waist. Every morning I was able to hold it out difficultly and 2010 of his Mays, the right, then 2011 of his Junes already the left foot neither is stretched out. From 1995 my incontinence was increasingly badder, from 2010 pelus was needed. Because of a waist downwards I was constant in a fit. 2012. June I drank it in the evening on 23 the first half decilitre ASEA and very good one i was asleep. He was not my fit and my pain because of a Tuesday. The next seven his Monday my surprise I got out onto the toilet without all problems all day long, onto this I took courage and I replaced it TENA trousers and I made a deposit only. Unfortunately on a Wednesday ran out and the successor did not reach here yet and I am nervous again today and I hurt. Moral: not it is allowed to pause! – Böbe (Hungary)

The description of my illness: I have a bronchus stricture with a serious degree: COPD the name of my illness. Already I do not endure the medicines, allergic one I am onto most, though simultaneously only an I use a kind. Amellett, Gyuri I drink that of a Bács herb tea mix I apply a breathing technique, acupressure, a spiritual therapy. Sure, not on a day all of them, because I do not manage to deal with myself so much. Do not endure neither to walk, neither to clean up. Just only cook, or I wash the dishes. Sometimes onto the toilet hardly I can go out. The herb teas good, the bronchus is dilated, I know air purely and deeply  to have bought, but I feel that it is little because I have energy deficiency, I am not tough because of that.When I was audible ASEA, I decided that I try it. Unfortunately, the material one my opportunities scant, I will be unable to buy that quantity so, that onto a month necessary

My experience:
2012-06-20 (első day) I drank it from him in the morning first today 3 cl. We were strolling everywhere in the morning ( but for me many times nehezemre it falls to cover some metres from a car). Lunch I set about cleaning a window, although the wiping up, the dusting and the vacuum cleaning only he was going rarely. Do not endure to bend down, because I receive air hardly then Today three windows, one I cleaned door glass and the glass of a picture, I made even tinier things next.

I believed it, nothing will be my strength following day, and I am gasping for breath very much then.

2012-06-21 (második day) onto a morning the medicine caused my foot oedema almost totally he shut up. My newest medicine until the mountain of my toe like that my feet swelled, than two trunk, and I feel it so sometimes, my leather bursts. We went away onto more place in the morning, then the
we went up to my sister-in-laws, who live on the second level,.. Climbing stairs already his good time not was going, I was able to bring myself to climb up onto the floor hardly, repeatedly was needed to stand, to gasp for air, and I was not able to speak up by the time I reached it. Many times yet the 10 m being, I was not able to turn to a neighbouring shop, or if I dragged myself, already I was not able to speak up. I had to stand a small one in the last turning only now to rest, to collect air. Reaching up, I had to sit down, and then I was snatching it after air. THE my pair was surprised, observed that I went up never so quickly onto the floor yet. On the yard the tiled and chest flowers served always in only more details, an alley, I was able to water it puffing. I had to take a rest only one times a little bit today. -Mariann(Hungary)

What kind of results I understand after I was audible from my clients ASEA was a must to test. Különleges Erő (Special Forces) I am his veteran, who keeps it, the fit one lifestyle. The things are not an easy matter on 48 year ones, than on 28 year ones, but some i guess, I carry myself well physically compared to the soot and pszichikailag too the my contemporaries. I travel between the eastern one and a western coast because of a Monday until a Friday, one very much in stressful business. I realised that he emerged after I withdrew from the active service I suffer from allergy. Serious grass, ragweed and pollen allergy. With a level like that, that who usual to become ulcerated the inner side of my eyelid. Benadryl-t I used what helped through altogether 4 clocks occasion. Apart from this my childhood asthma I used a pipe, and the latter one 8 years my family suffered because of my loud snore. I ordered one 6 canned ones ASEA for the whole family and we started using it, 4 ounces daily. Three days I had to put the garden in order with his passing to the summer grills. I started shearing it the grass and it was not with an effect my allergies, my usual symptoms did not come out. This I did not notice it until all that while my wife did not ask whether I was useful the my medicine. Altogether three days and there is not more allergy  Inside the next fortnight the feleségem mondta, hogy végre végig tudja aludni az egész éjszakát, mert megszűnt a my snore and I can breathe more silently, both of my nostrils accross. My nose accross truth the first was breathing, since 14 year soots. – Angelo M

Thyroid gland working

Hello everyone! Thyroid gland working adódóan in the blood picture TSH the excessive measure of a value it shows it working his proportion. In 2006 TSH (referencia value: 0,27 – 4,2) not measurable, tall one like that, a year is afraid going by due to hormone tablets (continuously I levy them) 6,99, in 2010 6, and now three weeks ASEA after drinking 2,020! To this what do you speak? – M. László (Hungary)

Kidney problem
Single ASEA registered freshly I am a user. My experiences until now good, though yet only two of his days drink my daughter, who is a serious kidney disease patient,. One and a half sleep eating only at night in daytime, he fell down from his foot. I gave a portion to him yesterday, June on 15, and he had a mood same day already to hatch from the bed and an appartement helped to put a room in order. Thank you, that I may use the products. Best regards. – Ilona (Hungary)

Sclerosis multiplex
A friend of mine sent the next story to me. Matt-nél it was diagnosed with 14 years before it SM-et. Sclerosis was an other friend’s of mine multiplex, but I did not want it as him till then to say nothing about the product while I did not know more information about him the. I did not want it, that let him live in hopes vainly. Patrick said that he joined a firm, where one they market a hygienic product. I a direct marketing I work for a traveling firm, like this I am not excited altogether when a newer one is csodatévő I am audible from a product, that too costs a lot, and makes nothing with the people_nation who would really have need onto him. Generally on a week kétszer-I speak three times Patrick-el, on-line marketing from strategies. Patrick ASEA talked to me always at this time and from that direction, why believes it, that it ASEA would be able to help me. He knows that I have Szklerózis Multiplex. Finally managed to convince it and I decided that I try it ASEA. With a word the product a January arrived to me on 20, a Friday. I opened the glass, and poured out the recommended one portion. I admitted it into the number in order to drink it and I smelled the smell of chlorine then. The first one my thought he was, I do not believe in the fact that something, for which the content of chlorine is, can help me, how I shall stay away from the chlorine because the neurologist said it always especially. Like this already the I was cautious with the product caught because of beginnings very much. Many thoughts were due in exchange of me, yet if this product good, how can arouse the interest in the people_nation then, if like that he smells, than the pool for that of water. I called my friend Patrick, what I believe how the product from the content of chlorine. He said that it is ASEA until 16 years it was developed, and under this time they realised that our organization needs chloride. That’s a relief, when these he said it. I looked for it because of that from myself, in spite of the fact that Patrick told everything it ASEA, what I had to know, he explains everything very well always, with which deals. I decided so after these, I give a chance to him. I was sure of him then, that this the a product will not be other despite this, than the rest of the similar one, like this 100% I exclude it the placebo effect my thinking. January I started using it on 22 ASEA. Like that he has a flavour, than the pool for that of water with salt, not terrible, but the chlorine was in exchange of me always yet thing. I decided that I do not give a thought to this more, but I start a new chapter rather the With sclerosis truth in a fight. I demonstrate to you what I experienced ASEA from a day onto a day. The first day 22 were Januaries. Plain to explain what should do, what I felt ASEA in the first four days. He was the my experience, how I slept, than the milk. I slept so deeply on the fourth day, that I called it Patrick and I called it him, I feel it so this product my dangerous number, because I knew it about the chronic tiredness and from that direction, that who SM is in an illness suffers, it tackles this day, than day. I decided that I stop ASEA consumption same day in the evening, some I felt that I waste my time only.

5.days – I give rise to it so same day in the morning, than anybody else.

I awoke in such a way that I was full of energy. Better, than I would have believed it once, and I felt something else in my body. I started believing it really then, that it ASEA helps me with the better sleep, I was glad about him because it was many of my problem with him he was over in the course of years. I was glad about my energy, which he was, because of this so I felt it, give after all a chance ASEA.

6. days – I awoke and I was alert really.

I did not feel the chronic tiredness all day long, which was the past one everyday, two in a year. Now I had a reason for him really in order for me to use it already ASEA and let me observe it, what it may do for my health how. I went away to sleep, this was my 6. night, that I slept through it. You are in a damage of the nervous system if somebody suffered from insomnia already and keze-lába a whole night palpitated, was not able to sleep because of this, has to know it then, that this there was a blessing for me and I was very grateful for this.

7. day – I call this day in such a way that it is ASEA miracle.I wake up, I felt myself one from which a rest was had totally, and I was ready for the next day.
I was with energy, for tiredness all day long there was no sign of him. At the time of 8 clocks my wife away he wanted to go with me into the feared shopping centre. I say this because of that, because when public I go onto place, I stumble in my own foot where many men surround and very confusedly myself feel it. It doesn’t matter, we went away to do the shopping. I noticed it immediately, that very good the my district, but I waited for the symptoms of the chronic tiredness, the result of which it is, under consciousness was, that I stumble in my own foot. We were shopping through approximately 2 clocks and I was calm all the time. We paid the cashier’s desk, we lost the shop already, I asked then Betsy, saw that I was walking almost normally under whole time. Did not know it really what say, but it saw the smile on my face and felt that something changed finally. Yeah astonishing changes happened in my life under altogether 12 days where I am now

I slept very well every day, withdrawn then not, when late evening I ate.
I felt any kind of tiredness quasi since 12 days.
My muscles relaxed totally.
My headache ceased.
The number of the falling decreased, I do not have to be worried so already on this.
I am thinking much more quickly.
I do not have constipation already.
I lost it.

Till now ASEA for me a blessing, i hope so everybody will experience it ASEA his salutary effects. – a grateful consumer (USA)

The correction of the achievement, his increase

I am his proprietor and his leader a stamina for a centre carrying out product development in Estes Parkban,Coloradoban. The row of my orbit a lot, I worked with a sportsman with a different ability already together.They were between them Olimpic and world champion level too. My work it, how I shall help these the
to discover the borders of their performance and their stamina for sportsmen. I spent many years with learning, how my body works in order for me to understand it. By now got so far, that I recognise it if a new product or a training are effective very soon and it’s working. I started it to be useful ASEA with three weeks before. The effect was outstanding. After a week I noticed that my breathing was much deeper under a running with given intensity, and the my pulse slowed down compared to the one to which used was got. When the second is seven already I was useful it ASEA, I felt so, as if I would be flying. The usual mountain running, which is a challenge generally, he became increasingly easy-more going one. Other runners were not able to keep pace with me. I am grateful, that I may have tried it ASEA and I wait for it excitedly, what the additional one will make his usage my health, and how helps in my trainings. – Terry C.

The reduction of a physical pain

I heard it in his 2011. December first ASEA. I wanted to try it immediately, because I was very curious, that capable what is said about him. I obtained it on the end of a January first. The proposed one 0,6 dl-t I was on a diet two times daily. Immediately on the second day I experienced that my breathing is a palpably deeper Latvian, and as if my body within something would have happened. It’s hard to explain, but maybe the best word it onto him, that calmed down, balanced Latvian. Since I follow a diverse sport with pleasure, curiously expected, that the deeper breathing whether to benefits allots during running. Definitely yeah! At the usual one much better and I kept up the pace longer. ASEA not only in this he helps me. It occurs since my childhood unfortunately that my urine is bloody. Already much I roamed it at a doctor with this, I went through different examinations, but the question, that from what this is, they were never able to respond to it. In the recent past beside the haematuria joined every now and then lumbar region pain. I do not know what may be the trouble with my kidney, but ASEA he helps him palpably. Now already more than two of his months I take it ASEA and continually I get richer by more positive experiences by way of the consumption of the product. I recommend it to everybody! –Sz. Vilmos (Hungary)

2012.03.28 I obtained the product, so he does not have a week, that I started it to be useful. In more witnesses onto him my Internet acquaintances, with who nap-mint day we speak,how I suffered it how much with my spine since approximately three weeks, and my waist does good one, that I spend a lot in prison before the machine. Apart from this the typical one ” I am the case of classic example, at who all illnesses can be found. Tall my blood pressure, tall one starts being my sugar,it would be necessary to go regularly to control with my heart, – but with months give number -,assessed metabolism I have disturbance, which works oppositely moreover,, so it one of the sides produces, the other one below produces, like this what would be good onto one, not good onto the other one.I am gasping for breath on the reason of this certainly, I cannot carry, it may be it of course that there is nothing my trouble apart from me having grown old. I was able to get up hardly every morning, on all of them my member hurt. Well, I started serving after antecedents like this ASEA. This a liquid,very tiny one with a salty flavour, not unpleasant, maybe a little his smell, but nothing trouble with him. Following day I noticed that I get up much more easily in the morning. The next day already in the morning at the time of 6 the I celebrated it before a machine. I was astonished at it then, that from morning till night with antecedents like this,I bore this much time without a pain. I did not dare to pick it up actually it to a doctor, because he was already onto him example, that a half I walked until a year intermittently onto various treatments, while he was over. Well, sure, that this not panacea, but that it helped my pain sure. I may betray it, that not only bodily,I am in decaying one mentally! I forget increasingly more things really, is needed two times to go back, I write whether I closed the car vainly up, that it is necessary to do something, if it I do not find the paper, for which I prescribed it,, it is possible to enumerate this until the infinity. Not anymore ties up a novel with big respiration, I loved to read it though, my trouble gathered the with puzzle minings, but I forced it because of that, it drew a brain he has to make it do gymnastics.I made an attempt more times already the SZUDOKU-val, and his end I got mixed up in it always. Yesterday in the evening, that is I took an one like this out after lying down after 5 days, and I realized his key.I was not able to sleep through it while I did not make it one 3×5 solution, that because of that not small orbit. I was astonished at myself the best!!! With what the good of my time his part the I spend it before a computer, my eye, my head hurt increasingly more more frequently really. After I saw one video, where a dog is a dot his eye was put right with him, I took the liberty to blow in me, too, indeed rubbed my temple. The pain ceased inside short time, and my eye he burned. I use it regularly since then. My husband complained who there is reddening the his hand, is itching, very unpleasant. What was a home, we tried everything out already, but nothing helped. We blew it in Asea, and he was astonished after two days the the best, that the glow disappeared tracklessly, and is not itching already. I think, it because of that we may relate it, that a man the heaviest one to convince, if does not believe the natural things his goodness, henceforth on the other hand my husband enthusiastic faithful Asea was. I knew this much to relate narrow after a week of usage. – B. Magdolna (Hungary)