Hearing Spirit – Seven Guidelines

Have you thought to yourself, ‘Sometimes when I listen to myself, I hear my mother/father talking?’ This means that you have adopted their voice as the source of your beliefs. This adopted voice of your Mother, Father, Coach, Teacher, Minister, Rabbi or other authority figures is still an active voice in your mind. Your thoughts are simply borrowed from authority figures, who, once had influence over you. These adopted voices are then expressed in habits and warnings, ‘This is what you must think and do.’

However, it is you who has held on to them. You are the one who decided which words to heed, and which to reject. What prompted you to heed some and reject others? Many times people heed the beliefs that would prompt happiness or loving thoughts. Yet, they sometimes go into unloving and unhappy outcomes because they follow the wrong voice, and they spend a lot of time struggling to get these adopted voices out.

The voice of Spirit is constantly competing with the voice one has merely adopted to the exclusion of anything else. Thus, the outcome of your life depends on which voice you follow. Spirit is difficult to hear if you are enmeshed in your old beliefs – the expectations about the way things are done – the indoctrination and social conditioning.

Spirit’s voice is difficult to hear because it is neither loud nor demanding, whereas the voice of indoctrination is loud, fear laden, foreboding, and/or demanding. The voice of fear, for example, is extremely loud and at times overwhelming in its instance.

When Spirit sends messages to you, how can you heed them? In spiritual practice there is a process called, ‘second attention,’ which attunes you to things your senses frequently miss.

Second attention has a commonality with intuition, and creativity – all are faculties of the mind. From a spiritual viewpoint, you are your number one creator of it all. The tiniest situation in your life is made ‘in here,’ versus caused from ‘out there.’ Everything is created by the source of your inner reality, which is your awareness.

People who believe the material world is causing things to transpire are simply unconscious creators. They have relinquished taking responsibility for being the author of their life.

Second attention offers you the ability to take authorship of your life, putting you, at the center of the moment by moment process of creating the reality you experience. Since you are conditioned to believe that Nature operates independently of what you think, desire, dream, and feel, reclaiming authorship of your reality is a gradual process.

Messages from Spirit all serve the same purpose to give you the authority to reclaim yourself as the creator of your life. Second attention compels you to become aware of the voice of Spirit within. It works through intuition, and it is sometimes called, ‘the sight’ or ‘gift,’ although these names imply a supernatural faculty, which is separate from intuition.

Spirit is constantly sending messages, but because second attention may not be developed, one takes them in, but, may not heed them. Intuition is as real as any other faculty, once you allow it to have credence. Each person has the ability to ‘hear spirit within.’

You can develop second attention and attune yourself to the voice of Spirit. These seven guidelines will give you the assistance you need to start and maintain the process of hearing spirit.

• Spirit is direct, open, devoid of persuasion, demand or criticism. Spirit shows you what is real in a given situation, pure and simple. When you sense the direct, open, pure and simple thoughts, trust Spirit is speaking.

• Spirit is devoid of admonishment, threats or ultimatums – ‘If you don’t do this, _____ a punishment will follow.’

• Spirit avoids communicating in right or wrong terms. What you decide to do, Spirit will support you.

• Spirit prompts you to feel better about yourself, while posing choices that take courage, patience, trust and faith.

• Spirit is as Spirit is – no one can compel Spirit to do anything. When you are unable to hear Spirit consider that your free will is in operation and you have failed to ask Spirit for guidance. When you ask Spirit for guidance have trust and faith that Spirit will speak at the right time for you.

• Spirit only comes from love. If you are looking for a way to find revenge, to prove yourself right, to oppose or conquer others, or to punish, the voice you hear is old beliefs – indoctrination and conditioning.

• When you heed Spirit, you will see results that seem like magic. Your fears will melt away. Your happiness will be at your command. You will feel safe. You will feel loved.

Spirit sends messages without question. Spirit is universal and as constant as gravity, without physical constraints. When your second attention is acute enough, you can be aware of Spirit crossing your path, descending on you and uplifting you. You are an empty vessel being endlessly refilled with Spirit.

Spirit is awareness without definition. It does not contain separation nor is it contained. There is no difference between what is believed, what is experienced and what is experiencing. Awareness without definition is a unity from which reality arises. Spirit is the whispered truth within a phenomenon. As such Spirit is gentle, it persuades by the softest touch. The message is devoid of loudness, only clearer. When you have the slightest hint of communication from Spirit, ask for clarification. At first, the links to Spirit may seem tenuous and fragile, but as you grow more confident, you will find that your life is full of meaning, and that every moment has an aspect that goes beyond words. Continue to listen with your second attention.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you deisre. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings. http://www.gen-assist.com