‘How Am I doing?’ – An Important Question

Time seems to go faster and faster. However, there are still sixty seconds in a minute; sixty minutes in an hour and twenty-four hours in a day. What makes time seem to go faster is the ability to communicate and transport things faster and faster. Since we can send a message in less than a minute to the furthest corner of the world we believe everything has sped up. In the frenzy to do more in less time, time seems to go faster.

The beginning of a year or stage or project, it is important to check in with oneself and ask: ‘How am I doing?’

 Asking questions helps you to stay focused and aware of the progress and process. 

‘What has shifted for me over the last month, six months and year?’

‘What are some of my discoveries or ‘a-ha’ moments? Am I using these discoveries or ‘a-ha’ moments in my best interest?’

‘What developments have I created in my soul-driven life/business?’

‘What do I want to celebrate from the last six months? The last twelve months?’

‘If I projected another year from now, 365 days from now, what would I like to see different?’

‘What is the one thing would I focus on and create intentionally?’

‘What changes would I like to see for myself and my career/business?’

And the most important questions you need to ask yourself:

‘What will I do about it?’

‘What is the one action I will take today that will begin the process of creating it?’

‘Am I using my energy (time, resources, money) effectively now to get where I want to go?’

If you notice yourself procrastinating – you need to ask yourself: ‘What is preventing me from taking action?’ ‘What am I afraid of – failure, success or something else?’ ‘Am I afraid I lack the skills, knowledge and ability to complete this project?’

No matter the reason for your hesitation (procrastination) you need to discover its source and eliminate the root cause. Failure to eliminate the root cause of procrastination/hesitation in the worst case scenario will either slow down your success rate or prevent you from achieving your goal(s).

The root cause of your hesitation/procrastination can be effectively resolved with a highly effective protocol of emotional and spiritual healing. Emotional and Spiritual Healing (ESH) is direct, focused and combines creating your health and future while healing the past. It is precise, powerful, virtually painless; and an accurate process of changing the landscape of your inner and outer mind, body and spirit. ESH assists you to access your past, present and future – as well as your subconscious, and clears negative energy on all levels – mind, body (cellular) and spirit.

ESH transforms your doubts, fears, anxiety, blocks, indoctrinations and conditioning that keep you from living a more fulfilling and stress free life. ESH works at the cellular and soul level thereby eliminating spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dysfunctions, blocks and challenges.

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