How can you tell if someone has done a good job with your past life regression session?

Past life regression is a protocol that uses hypnosis to access the details and experiences of past lives a.k.a. previous incarnations. The benefits of Past-life regression is unique to each individual. General benefits include, but not limited to the following benefits:

  1. First and foremost: It is important to engage with a Certified Past Life Regression practitioner for the most effective and efficient experience.
  2. Insight and self-exploration: Past Life Regression can provide insights into one’s current life challenges, relationships, and patterns of behavior. Accessing experiences from past lives will assist you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life’s purpose.
  3. Mental/Emotional and Physical healing: Past life regression provides the opportunity to access experiences and facilitate Mental/Emotional and Physical healing. By discovering and resolving unresolved issues or trauma carried over from previous lives you can live your life more fully with less distress. When you explore you past life experiences, you will create closure and release emotional burdens in your present life.
  4. Spiritual growth and exploration: Some people seek past life regression as a means to explore their spiritual beliefs and concepts related to reincarnation. You will gain a sense of continuity or connection with something greater than yourself.
  5. Therapeutic catharsis: Engaging in past life regression offers a cathartic experience, allowing you to express and release emotions associated with past life success and left over challenges. This catharsis will promote a sense of relief and psychological well-being.

When seeking a past life regression therapist, it’s crucial to find someone who is qualified and experienced in the field. These two International Past Life Certification Boards will assist you in finding the person with whom you will feel connected with. The majority of practitioners use video conferencing, thus, no matter where you are in the world you will find a Past Life Regression practitioner who will meet your needs. and

  1. Personal Growth and Healing: Accessing past lives provides insights into current life challenges, phobias, and emotional issues. By exploring past life experiences, individuals gain a better understanding of their current beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior and leads to personal growth and healing.
  2. Emotional Resolution: Unresolved emotions from past lives can affect an individual’s current emotional state. Through Past Life Regression, unresolved emotions can be addressed, leading to emotional relief and improved well-being.
  3. Spiritual Exploration: Past Life Regression is often associated with spiritual beliefs and the idea of reincarnation. For individuals who hold these beliefs, the practice offers a means of exploring their spiritual journey across lifetimes and understanding their soul’s evolution.
  4. Empowerment: Past Life Regression empowers individuals by helping them recognize their own strengths, talents, and abilities that might have been developed in previous lives. This awareness boosts self-confidence and motivation.
  5. Gaining Perspective: Exploring past lives offers a different perspective on life and the human experience. This broader perspective leads to greater empathy, understanding, and tolerance.
  6. Symbolic Insights: Metaphorical interpretations of Past Life recall provides insights into an individual’s psyche and aids in problem-solving and personal reflection.

As a Certified Past Life Regression practitioner I offer a 20-minute complimentary conversation to answer your questions and explain how the process will work for you.

Here are two Past Life Certification Boards. If there isn’t a Certified Past Life Regression practitioner near you, many Past Life Regression practitioners conduct their work via electronic transmission, such as Zoom, Skype or other reliable video transmission platforms.

~Certified Past Life Regression Board

~Earth Association Regression Therapy Board:

 Past Life Regression   You can heal your present by exploring your past and recreating your life. With past life regression work, you can move through to Transformation and Transmuting the root cause of your present situation, release karmic patterns, complete old unfinished business, understand current relationships, lift old restrictions and blocks to live your life with peace of mind, happiness and empowerment.


Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis and Transformation Hypnosis Practitioner, International Best Selling Author, and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates creating healthy empowered life styles. All diagnosis from A to Z. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings. You can live the life you desire.  Published June 25, 3023