How do you heal past life trauma or your past when you don’t know what they are/it is?

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All experiences are stored in the unconscious, subconscious and soul energy. All mental/emotional and physical symptoms, behavior, and diagnosis are more accurately a profound and necessary choice to survive the mental/emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse one experienced during the maturation years or beyond.

Using relaxation techniques such as meditation and hypnosis all experiences can be discovered and any negative aspects can be transformed/transmuted.

Hypnosis is a word designated to identify the process trained professionals use to assist a person to achieve a deeper level of focus than one does automatically or during meditation. This process is scientifically proven and highly effective to create desired changes in beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Thus, people can achieve mental/emotional and physical health and well-being on the unconscious, subconscious, cellular, and core levels.

Past Life phenomenon

Belief in reincarnation (Past Lives) has existed throughout history. It is a standard aspect of most forms of metaphysics. Past life is found in virtually all religious systems. It is a part of the Kabalah, the mystical side of Judaism. It was also a belief of early Christianity. The majority of religious people in the world today believe in reincarnation.

If we accept the idea of reincarnation, it follows that there would be some method to illuminate the darkness of the death-rebirth period to learn about ourselves. Many techniques have been developed to access a past life. One famous believer called remembering past lives “developing your magical memory.” Today, the various systems of past life recall are known as past life regression.

But why investigate a past life at all? Other than being an interesting curiosity, what good can you get from learning about your past lives?

Remembering past lives

First, we need to accept the possibility that our remembrance of past lives may not be related to any real past lives. The experiences people have may be the result of a message that the unconscious sends to the conscious mind. For some reason, the conscious mind refuses to listen to the unconscious mind. Therefore, when the unconscious mind has an opportunity it sends a symbolic message in the form of a past life impression.

Unless a past life experience is a sheer fantasy, it is probably caused by either a message from the unconscious mind or from a real past life. There are simple and easy checks and balances professionals use to determine if the ‘memory’ is that of a Past Life or the unconscious mind giving a symbolic message so that the person will pay attention to the meaning. In either case—whether the past life is real or not, certainly the experience of past lives is real and can be experienced with or without a Past Life Regression Practitioner’s assistance. We need to ask ourselves, “What can I learn from a past life experience and how can I apply it to my life today?”

The value of remembering past lives

The mere knowledge of a past life is nothing more than curiosity unless you discover something and put it to use. It is believed by professionals that the reason for reincarnation is to learn lessons about life and consciousness and to allow our consciousness to evolve beyond the need for incarnation.

If you believe in reincarnation, you need to spend some time investigating your past lives in order to discover what mistakes you have made, that you don’t need to relearn these lessons in this life or in a future one. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, the idea that the unconscious needs to send a message to the conscious is a striking thought. You need to pay attention. Allow yourself to discover what the message is and act on the message. In either case, there are three important ideas you need to understand about past life regression:

  • A belief in reincarnation is not necessary to make past life regressions valuable.
  • The value of remembering a past life comes only when the knowledge gained is put to use in your present life.
  • By its very nature, a past life experience is a very personal thing. The important knowledge that is obtainable from such an experience may be something you see, experience, or feel as you “relive” the past. To have a valuable past life experience, you need to experience it! Merely knowing of a particular past life is of NO real value except to satisfy a curiosity.

Discovering your past lives

Some people claim to ‘go’ into a ‘trance’ and then tell people about their past lives. “You were this person and you did this or that,” they say. Whether or not they are correct in their assessment of your past life is not important. Your failure to experience the past life, on the other hand, is important. Avoid people who tell you about your past lives; go to those who will help you experience them yourself. If nothing else, the cathartic release you may get from experiencing a past life may free something which has been hindering you and holding you back from health, success, and creativity.

Another form of psychic fraud comes from self-delusion. Most people believe their lives are not as exciting as those of movie stars, politicians, or professional athletes. So some people fantasize about an exciting and romantic past life. Merely because someone believes themselves to have been famous in a past life does not make it so. Furthermore, the famous occultist Dion Fortune adds that a famous past life does not so much add glory to this life as it does make one wonder what happened in between to bring you to this lower state!

This is a new life! You need to learn from the past, not live in it. The only importance in whether you were Cleopatra or a maid is what you can learn from that past experience and put the knowledge into use in the present. Use of the experience means—letting go of hurt, beliefs, anger, sadness or fear. Or drawing on the empowerment you had in that life, but fail to use in this life.

Past life regression therapy has become increasingly recognized by mental/emotional health professionals and the public as an effective and important modality for recovery. While exploring your past lives; you will retrieve and release memories from childhood and prior lives in order to transform/transmute mental/emotional and physical distress, dysfunctions and build healthy relationships, enhance creativity, and find greater satisfaction in life.

People with Mental/Emotional and Physical health issues that have no known origin, those with inexplicable issues, as well as persistent issues and infertility issues, (I’ve helped people who haven’t been able to become pregnant.)

Past life regression process is also beneficial for anyone having a run of ‘bad luck’, who desires to figure out what to do with consistent ‘bad luck’ experiences, as well as a person interested in knowing if they have the ability to enhance their successes in life. It’s not only about uncovering past trauma—sometimes, you’re shown happiness in a previous life which can be inspiring and help you remember how to live a good life today. Seeing how you thrived in a past life, can remind you of your worth and power.

As a Past Life Regression Practitioner, my job is to be a conduit —I assist you to take a bridge to connect with people and experience in previous incarnations. This TEDxIITBHU Talk provides a good explanation of past life regression therapy and some of the science behind it.

Documented past lives

Researches in Reincarnation and Beyond, A. R Martin, 1942

One of the oldest books on Past Lives, The Spirits’ Book, by Allan Kardec, 1857. The Spirits’ Book was the first one that compiled all the teachings of high order spirits (the Spirits) through mediums the world over. It is the landmark of a doctrine that has had a great impact on the thought and life view of a considerable portion of humankind since 1857 when the first French edition was released. It is divided into four parts and has 1,019 questions asked by Allan Kardec, the Codifier of Spiritism.

Kardec rationally and logically presents the teachings of Spiritism in their scientific, philosophical and religious aspects. No matter what the religious convictions or beliefs of the reader are, reading The Spirits’ Book will be of immense value for everyone, for it addresses the issues of God, the immortality of the soul, the nature of spirits, and their relations with human beings, moral laws, our present, and future lives and the future of humankind – subjects of general interest and great practicality.”

List of books on verified Past Lives

1. Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian Weiss, M.D. Psychiatrist,2. Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child, Carol Bowman
3. You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives, Dr. Edith Fiore
4. Children Who Remember, Dr. Ian Stevenson

5. Past Lives, Future Lives, Dick Sutphen
6. Reliving Past Lives, Helen Wamba

7. Reincarnation, Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams

8. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Duff Newton
9. Soul Survivor – The Reincarnation of A World War II Fighter Pilot, Bruce and Andrea Leininger with Ken Gross

10.Someone Else’s Yesterday: The Confederate General and Connecticut Yankee: A Past Life Revealed, Jeffrey J. Keene

11. Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Story of a Detective’s Search for His Past Life, Robert L. Snow 27 of 28 pieces of evidence were proven accurate beyond a reasonable doubt.
12. A Tribe Returned, Janet Cunningham. Ph.D. – the incredible personal and professional story of Janet Cunningham and over 25 people — clients, friends, and family members
13. Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited, Walter Semkiw, M.D.

14. Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving Evidence of Past Lives, Walter Semkiw, M.D.
15. Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation, with Past Lives of Jesus, Walter Semkiw, M.D

16. Edgar Cayce’s Story of Karma, Mary Ann Woodward
17. Mass Dreams of the Future, Chet Snow

18. Return to Life, Dr. Jim Tucker – Children Who Report Memories of Previous Lives | Division of Perceptual Studies

19. Researches in Reincarnation and Beyond, A. R Martin, 1942

Souls incarnate in-body for the powerful learning experiences that physical life has to offer. Souls come here to have new experiences and to grow mentally/ emotionally and spiritually — to become the best and highest version of its being. In the physical planes, souls DEMONSTRATE what it has learned by the experiences it creates for itself and others. This is the whole point of the “school of life”, to DEMONSTRATE a level of self-mastery. Souls come here to MASTER themselves: Mind, Body, and Spirit. More than anything, all in-body experiences are a journey of self-mastery. Where are you on your journey? The litmus test of self-mastery is LIFE EXPERIENCE MASTERY.

I am here only to be truly helpful.


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– Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. Certified Past Life Regression therapist IBRT

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