How Does Hypnosis Work Online?

In 1994, I did the first hypnosis work using the phone with a woman who heard about my work with sexual abuse survivors. She was in a lot of pain. Traditional talk therapy eased the pain momentarily. However, seemingly out of nowhere the fear, anxiety and sense of doom would descend upon her. Fortunately, a friend of hers was doing her sexual abuse recovery with me. She begged me to help her, she lived in Florida, I was in New Jersey at that time.

Fast forward – we did the work on the phone

She was pleased with the results and subsequently made referrals.

Every issue I address from A to Z, including Past Life Regression can be done remote.

Since then, I have done hundreds of appointments on the phone, then with Skype, and now Zoom. With the internet, I do appointments worldwide.

You will have a great appointment with you on your couch/bed. Some people prefer to lay on the floor with a pillow. No need to drive or be in an unfamiliar place. People frequently do appointments when they are only 20-minutes from my office. It saves time, energy and gas money. Some people do their appointments in their car while parked in a quiet place. They can move the seat back in a reclining position. They use their cell phone, with earbuds. I did a past life regression with a long-haul truck driver. He was pleased with the results.

I notice that individuals find it’s easier to relax at home where the environmental sights, and sounds are familiar. Others prefer to be in my office.

Online appointments are done on Zoom. You will receive the link to your appointment in your Confirmation Email.


Please have earbuds with a microphone or a headset so we can hear each other. If you prefer, you will also need a webcam or computer with webcam, so I will be able to see your face during the appointment. Seeing your face isn’t necessary, it is however seeing each other is a bonus.

It is important to eliminate any distractions (no kids, pets, phones) space with good WiFi where you will be comfortable – recliner, bed, chair, etc. We will start while you are sitting up, but then you may recline or lie down. Please have a place ready for you to be cozy. Have everything plugged in and charged before your appointment.

I look forward to working with you.