How Souls Choose Their Next Incarnation Experience

When a soul decides it is ready to return to the earth plane, it meets with its guides, some have been with it for many lifetimes, and some are new guides. The other advisory group is a council of elders or master teachers, who help with the process of developing a scenario to create the soul’s new accomplishments in this upcoming incarnation, and how to assist the soul with its return to the earth plane.

The soul goes through the process of looking where it could grow and the experiences necessary for that growth. Past-life karma is looked at and evaluated on many levels. Your soul wants to experience many different scenarios with previous soul incarnations or different souls, economic conditions from poor to rich or vice versa, social status, beliefs, and mental/emotional. Your soul goes through many lifetimes in the process of creating mental/emotional, spiritual, and soul growth.

Your soul’s evolution is looked at, and the planning starts. Figuring out the needs for growth, your guides, teachers, and your soul will look at many scenarios and choose the one that will fit you best. It’s like watching many movies and choosing the one you want to be in.

It’s difficult to imagine that we choose the life we are currently in, but that’s the way it works. You chose your parents, siblings (yes, your siblings!), and the circumstances that create your world now. If you look at each adventure or mishap that has transpired in your life, you can take on a new outlook. Ask yourself how you can handle each situation in a loving way, knowing there is an opportunity to learn and you did indeed choose to learn it.

Can you believe you choose your body, including what type of body–male or female, handicapped, gorgeous, not-so-attractive? All with opportunities to learn.

Imagine being a model or actress who is judged by appearance, constantly having to submit to this judgment of onlookers. Maybe the opportunity your soul came with includes finding the beauty within itself and not to be burdened with what others think or say about the body it is in.

Imagine wanting to be born with a disability so that you might teach others compassion.

The time to reincarnate is totally up to the soul involved. You might wait until your soul family is ready to reincarnate with you. Your soul family can include your parents, siblings, co-workers, family, and friends. I know my family members, several dear friends and I have been together in many lifetimes and in many different scenarios. My dad’s brother and I (uncle) had a profound understanding of each other that there was not one moment of unrest with us. I could communicate a paragraph with one sentence and he communicated a paragraph back with one sentence. It was as if we were reading each other’s minds. We had a significant relationship as husband and I as the wife in my second incarnation in Mesopotamia.  Hard to believe but we had an all-knowing with each other that never ended. After his passing, when I was doing past life exploration I discovered our profound connection. I was certainly here this time to show him the meaning of unconditional love as he was for me. Furthermore, his unconditional love gave me the strength and courage to complete my mission with my parents. 

Anne Frank died in 1945, and less than 9 years later, she was reborn as Barbro Karlén. An accomplished writer and considered a child prodigy in her home country of Sweden, Barbro Karlén had 11 books published by the time she was 16 years old. Her book, Man on Earth, was published when she was only 12 years old. As a young child, Barbro began having memories of a past life, which lead her to believe that her name was Anne Frank. Her Christian parents thought the details she shared were simply fantasies and did not take her seriously.

When we reincarnate, we consciously forget all the other lives we have lived and what opportunities we choose for this lifetime, but that’s only so we can have a fresh start this time around and experience all the joy and sorrows that we may encounter for the purpose of our mental/emotional and soul’s growth.

Remember to enjoy life and find the joy that is yours. Let go of worry, angst, lament, hurt, shame, humiliation, grief, sadness, anger, and laugh a lot. Earth is just our classroom, not where we will live forever.

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