How To Create Your Best Year – 2017


How To Create Your Best Year – 2017

Do you dream of waking up full of energy and joy, knowing that you’ll spend part of the day doing work you love, and the best part; enjoying yourself and your family?

Do you desire to make this dream a reality?

In the 30+ years, I have assisted people to make transformations, thousands have started living their purpose and their ideal lives.

In 2017, you can too – of course that means you need to learn the secrets that these successful people used to make that quantum leap. And you need to discover and eliminate the blocks, fears and limiting beliefs you hold that prevent you from moving forward.

This testimonial says it all…

“All I needed was a mentor to assist me in discovering how I prevented myself from success and how to apply the principals of successful people. I am now including Dr Dorothy’s coaching in my business plan budget because I know she is more than worth it. I went from barely making it to a six figure income after expenses in my business. She’s just incredible! If you listen and apply her wisdom, you’re guaranteed to win.” ~Jim D

Are you willing to spend another year the way you spent this one? If you aren’t, discover how to create the life YOU desire, starting right away.

This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life. Are you willing to do what it takes to claim your happiness and success?

There is no shame in asking for assistance to create happiness and success. If you have read the books, taken workshops, had psychic readings, taken prescriptions and OTC drugs etc. and still struggle; you might have emotional blocks preventing you from moving into what your happiness and desires.

To the success, you’ve been longing for and deserve.

P.S. This is an investment in your happiness and success. Following the principles in this process will change your life forever and I want you to experience it yourself as soon as possible. Remember only you can take care of your happiness and productivity.

P.P.S. I offer a 20-minute FREE no-obligation phone conversation to answer your questions and discuss how health and success are possible.

P.P.P.S. You are worth it. You deserve to create your happiness and desired success. ###

Taking new bookings for Face-to-Face, phone or Skype sessions for transformation to a happier and productive 2017. Skype is the way to the future. I use Skype for 1/3 of my clients. Together We Establish A New Paradigm For Life And Living!
I don’t do the same old, same old – all services are specialized for each person’s issues and needs–experience the difference!

[b]About Dr. Dorothy:[/b]

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/professional development. Her Ph.D. is in Metaphysics.