How To Navigate The Tight Squeeze With Ease

The sages since the beginning of time have asked the question–Can people be taught to be aware? We are in a tight squeeze that requires those who are aware to Stay Strong. Stay Focused and Stay Calm.

Pema Chödrön, an American Buddhist teacher sums up the process beautifully. When you are birthing a project or personal growth you might have a sense of going through a tight squeeze. Like an infant’s birthing process, projects/goals have three stages – beginning, middle, and end. It is in the rough spots along the way that people want to escape the uncertainty and hard labor. Escaping is easy; holding one’s convictions for success is difficult. You need to learn how to navigate in a new way. It is in the rough spots that you learn how to manage the frustrations, uncertainty, and hard work that come with life and the achievement of goals.

Pema Chödrön, calls this, ‘The Squeeze.” Whether one is going through the birth canal to achieve life, itself, or one is working on birthing personal growth or a goal, one needs to stick to one’s convictions. Chödrön defines ‘The Squeeze” as “a point where we are not able to take it or leave it, where we are caught between a rock and a hard place, caught with both the up-lift of our ideas and the rawness of what’s transpiring in front of our eyes…” and, that she says, “is a very fruitful place.”It is in the rough spots that you learn the most. Keeping this in mind will assist you to feel less alone because you are not the only one who feels ‘The Squeeze.’

Is going through The Squeeze worthwhile…Only you can decide.

There are many energy forces and changes pulsing through the Universe at every level. It goes without, saying, you are part of the growing process and the growing pains. Have a great day from moment to moment. Remember we only need to live one moment at a time. Jumping ahead to WHAT IF, IF ONLY, WHY ME, AIN’T IT AWFUL is when the majority of people scare themselves into believing the Boogie man is around the corner and they freeze. The Oligarchs know this well. That is why they bombard people from every direction to keep the majority in FEAR.

I assist people to bypass the fear-mongering, to clear out all the old beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to create empowerment and resilience. CREATE your own world. TURN off the noise that doesn’t serve you and Live in your own harmonious bubble. Create a wonderful day from moment to moment.

P.S. 30+ years assisting people to empower themselves to create the life they would love to live.