Learn To Transmute Negative Energy Directly

Empaths are deeply sensitive and are highly attuned to the emotions and energy of others. They feel the emotions of others as if they are their own. This can be a challenge when they have porous boundaries and end up absorbing the pain and stress of others. Empaths are sharply intuitive and are adept at reading people and situations beyond just surface-level impressions.

Due to their giving nature as well as their keen insight into the human psyche, they tend to have natural ability to assist people to transform negitive issues to living with a positive attitude. Empaths make up 15-20% of the world population.

Since I was a child, I could easily sense anyone’s energetic mental, emotional and physical state. I sensed their energy using my empathic antennae, having a knowing of their pain while at the same time being able to see their Divine inner essence of goodness and lost empowerment.

Because I was born with this ability, I fervently believed somehow, that since I knew, I was obligated and responsible for helping everyone resolve, heal and transform their distress. Distress is anathema to empaths.

As an Empath I could feel other’s pain. I didn’t want them to be in pain because when they were hurting — so was I. So, I fervently worked to convince family members and friends they didn’t need to be in pain.

However, they didn’t comprehend what I was suggesting. Talking about it provided them with temporary relief that at least someone understood what they were experiencing.  I took their ‘rejection’ of my insight as a rejection of me.

I learned I needed to withdraw my fervent desire to convince anyone to have my peace of mind.

I simply shut off all external emotional reactions, living behind a veil no one knew was there. People have said,  “You don’t get angry or sad…do you react to anything?” “What? I feel absolutely everything!  And when I express it, there is no recognition of my feelings because it doesn’t match what others feel.”  People didn’t believe me when I explained that, I felt their pain in every fiber of my being.

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When I was 28, I learned that I bring relationships into my personal life not for me to heal them, but so I could learn how to set healthy boundaries. What took me so long to learn that? Thus,  I learned to simply hold space for other people to do their own healing, but not hold their actual pain. We each need challenges and struggles in life in order to grow. If I picked up and carried someone else’s baggage, I would deny them an important personal growth experience.

When I was 35, I obtained my masters degree and began my business to assist people to create the deep healing process in their mind, emotions, heart, and body — which holds all wounds from this life time and previous in body experiences. The conscious mind carries the mental, emotional and physical pain that people need to transform and transmute on the unconscious, subconscious, and cellular level.

As an empath, I am not responsible for transmuting other people’s energy, or other people’s pain. I am only responsible for assisting them to transmute their energy and pain for themselves.

As the Chinese proverb states,

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I mentor highly perceptive, and intuitive leaders because I believe the world needs these gifts. 

Are you a ‘reluctant leader’? Do you hear a strong inner calling to empower others to be greater, yet often hold back from stepping into your personal power because of self-doubt, overwhelm or even disgust for the current system of control and hierarchy? 6 Tips for Writing an Effective Performance Review - businessnewsdaily.com

Let’s have a conversation on transforming your distress to peace of mind and empowerment.  I offer a 20-minute FREE conversation to answer your questions and to explain how the transformation process will work for you specific needs.

Taking a risk and investing in yourself might be scary. I understand it. WOW! Jumping from the high board into the pool is a little nerve wracking. But those who had a burning desire to stretch their abilities reach inside and bring courage and conviction to make that first jump. Then, they can repeat it or go on to other challenges.

Life is a never-ending journey of learning new things, stepping out of your comfort zone, leaning in and all the things necessary to create the life you desire. I understand it. I’ve done it and assisted many people to do it.

But think about the first time you had sexual intercourse.  I’ll bet you were MORE than a little nervous, right?

I’ll bet you the first time you had sexual intercourse it wasn’t all that great.

But that didn’t stop you from doing it again! And again and again!

So what stops you when it comes time to lean in and learn and move out of your comfort zone to do new things in your life or business?

Together we will discover what is holding you back and transmute the negative energy directly.

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