Innovative Intensive one-on-one Healing Process with 24-hour care. This process maintains total focus on your issues over a period of several days. The process is best described as a total immersion in the healing process.

This 7-Step innovative process is highly effective and achieves deeper and more total healing. The process is direct, focused and combines healing the past while creating the future. You will be able to make a significant and effective transition to self-discovery and empowerment. You will:

  • Illuminate, Clarify and Process Relevant and Significant Issues
  • Discover who you really are—Your Unique Self
  • Discover your Purpose and Mission in Life
  • Learn the Keys to living a Joyful, Abundant and Fulfilling Life
  • Learn to bring more Direction and Purpose to your Life
  • Learn to bring Balance into your Life
  • Find Inner Peace

With twenty-four years experience working with people in the healing process, I am convinced:

  • It is the Divine Right of Every Human Being to be Emotionally and Physically Well.”
  • “Every Disease Can Be Healed.”
  • “Perfect Health Is A Birthright. Everyone can Claim It!”
  • “Every Symptom has a Root Cause. The Root Cause can be Healed.”

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