The aftereffects to the sexual abuse Victim’s spirituality are profound, extensive and pervasive. It is a soul injury. Before the child has the opportunity to experience himself or herself as a fully functioning human being, they have been sexually abused. When they learn about God, they are taught that God protects us from harm. They often wonder such things as, ‘Why didn’t he protect me?’ Many religions also teach that God punishes those who are ‘bad.’ ‘I must be bad,’ the child reasons, ‘because God did not protect me. God must be punishing me for being bad. I am to blame. What did I do to deserve this?’ Self-loathing and guilt ensues. Frequently, clients tell me they no longer believe in God. ‘If God was real, why did he let me be abused?’ they ask. In order to fully heal, those who have turned away from their spirituality need to find a way to reconnect with their spiritual self.

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