Are you curious about your life and the world in the future?

Future life progression is a variation of past-life therapy developed by Helen Stewart Wambach, Ph.D. (1925-1985), author of Recalling Past Lives (Harper & Row, 1978) and Life Before Life (Bantam Books, 1979).  Future-life progression is the means of viewing one’s future and the potential lives of future incarnations of oneself and future soul groups. To accomplish this, one “steps into” future time.

Future life progress is a process that a skilled Certified Deep Healing and Certified Past Life practitioner facilitates to enable you to see into the future, tap into your own future wisdom and talents, and create your own destiny.

Future Life Progression is a positive and reassuring experience that will reveal dozens of heart-warming stories and successes. You can use Future Life Progression to meet your Soul Mate or Twin Soul and find long-lasting love.  You will see your future children or grandchildren – their stories and progression.

You will be shown talents and see exactly where you will be in 5, 10 or more years and future lives.

You will have the opportunity to choose your own destiny, overcome blocks and speed up future success. You can use Future Life Progression to discover future trends in the workplace, business  and stay ahead of the competition.

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