I just dumped a narcissist girlfriend/fiancé and there has been no contact for 2 weeks. I heard she is very angry and blaming me. What’s next?

What’s next is what you decide. Take a deep breath and carry on with your life in the healthy manner you deserve and desire.

May I suggest reading, “Love Is letting Go of Fear” Gerald G. Jampolsky. It is an easy and delightful tutorial how to love without fear with the person who is capable of loving you back. Narcissists aren’t capable of loving back. Narcissists can not change without intensive therapy on the unconscious and subconscious levels facilitated by a Certified Transformation Hypnotherapist. Suggestion Hypnosis is a good bandage for weeks, months and sometimes a year.

Block your ex-GF on all communication portals—e-mail, text, cell phone, etc. DO not engage in ANY conversations no matter how much she begs and pleads she has learned, etc. The only possible way to reunite with a Narcissist is if they have been in transformation hypnotherapy for at least a year or more. Then, you can begin couple’s therapy, to develop a healthy communication style—as Jampolsky sets forth.

I wish you well.