If you lose your soul while still alive, what happens when you die?

If your soul decides to leave from the physical body before the natural lifespan is completed, your body can not survive. Your soul is like the battery in your car. Your car cannot run without a battery. Your body can not run without your soul.

A soul leaving the body before a natural lifespan can be attributed to various reasons in different belief systems, such as karmic lessons, life contracts, or the belief that the individual’s soul has completed its purpose or lessons for that lifetime. In some instances a traumatic event, accident, or sudden deaths might be instances of premature soul departure.

Walk-In Phenomenon: A walk-in entering refers to a different soul or consciousness entering a person’s body after the original soul has left sometimes during a traumatic event. Or sometimes the original soul is reluctant to deal with the current life circumstances. This new consciousness is referred to as a “walk-in”. The walk in soul takes over the duties and continues the body’s life experience. This concept is sometimes used to explain drastic personality changes or shifts in behavior that might occur in an individual’s life. The new soul energy (consciousness) is thought to have its own reasons for joining the physical realm when choosing this experience.

I know a woman who had a drowning experience in the ocean. She was pulled out of a huge wave by the lifeguard, who administered CPR. She heard the lifeguard say, “I think she is gone.” She wanted to scream, “No I am not.” However, she couldn’t get the words out. The lifeguard did two more compressions and she began to cough. She was alive. The lifeguard wanted her to take an ambulance to the hospital, which she declined. The next day, she noticed something was different. She couldn’t put words to it, until her children commented that she seemed calm and happier. “Mom, you nearly drowned, how can you be so calm and happy?” It was then she realized she felt a lot different. She realized her heart and breathing was calm and even, something she hadn’t experienced. Her hyper-breathing and hyperactivity was a trait since she could recall. The calmness and happiness has remained many decades. She learned many years later during hypnosis work, a walk-in soul revived her.


In summary, the concept of a soul leaving prematurely and a walk-in entering is a phenomenon that emphasizes spiritual and metaphysical aspects of existence. It provides explanations for events and experiences that might not have clear scientific explanations. However, these concepts can not be dismissed nor is there another explanation.

I wish you well on your journey.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. Transformation Hypnosis Practitioner, a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. She is co-author of the International Best Selling book, Conceived To Lead: Dismantling The Glass Ceiling Mindset

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