In Pursuit Of Happiness

In pursuit of happiness is a convoluted concept. I know I will receive some flack about that statement. The word pursuit means that one is in perpetual motion to attain something. Therefore, when one is in pursuit of happiness one is in perpetual motion to attain it. The question is when will one achieve happiness because the pursuit of happiness implies attainment is ongoing. True happiness is right here, right now, at this moment and each moment thereafter. It is a matter of deciding to be happy. There is nothing to pursue. There is nothing one needs to do. Happiness is a decision. Happiness is unique to each person.

Pursuing happiness is one thing, deciding and experiencing it — is the act of deciding to be happy moment to moment! — Creating and Practicing happiness is an entirely different concept. It’s the difference between dreaming and reality. Remember that the pursuit of happiness, in the Declaration, is not a quest or a pastime, but “an unalienable right.” Everyone has the right to actually be happy, not just in pursuit of happiness. To use a metaphor: You don’t just get the chance to make the baseball team, you are guaranteed a spot. That’s a very different understanding.

If a Mansion is your happiness, then create it! If there’s one thing that can be said about happiness, it’s that it’s wholly and utterly subjective. What makes one person happy — picking flowers on a sunny day, or a walk in the forest perhaps — may not be another person’s happiness.

To further your decision to be happy, make a list of what happiness is to you. Then, when life throws lemons your way, you can remind yourself that happiness is a perception, not something to strive for. Change your happiness quotient, change your life.


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Published: April 29, 2023